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  1. Has anyone ever been to the Mcgill open house? The website says there is one on Oct 20. What does the open house entail?
  2. I am retaking my expired prereqs and an option 2 class. Would the new grade for these classes be used to calculate my degree GPA (pre interview) or just my prereq GPA (post interview). I couldn’t find the answer on the website
  3. Could I message you? I have a similar background and would like to apply NTP next year. Thanks! Congrats!
  4. Selling Kaplan MCAT 7 Book Set 2018-2019 Brand New $95 OBO
  5. I have a bunch of international verifers as well but I just put their phone number. I don't think it should be a problem and I also don't have anyone in Canada that can vouch besides family and friends
  6. Quel'un sait si le CASPer va etre entierement en francais, c'est a dire avec la voix en francais ou la voix en anglais avec les sous titres en francais? L'exemple disponible a takeCASPer.com a les sous tires en francais. C'est seulement une curiosite Merci
  7. The mice had scroll wheels but they did not work. Not sure why. There were a lot of people writing at that time! I was super shocked when I walked but everyone was split up into different rooms. I waited about 20 mins but I got there half an hour early, I am sure that some other people had to wait much longer. Students were writing on the second and third floor.
  8. They computers were fairly new, LCD but a bit on the smaller side but still manageable.
  9. Hi If anyone is thinking of writing their MCAT here it is pretty good but the check in process took a while so get there early. There was good lighting, good computers and it was extremely quiet. I recommend going here.
  10. Is it a straight average or does the credit weight for each course make a difference? Thanks!
  11. How do Ontario students calculate their GPA for UBC? I am a little confused by the different GPA scale and the different credit system. I went to Western btw
  12. Hi Do the questions on NOSM's application have a place where we indicate our ties to Northern Ontario, also is there proof that we have to submit. I just want to get a head start and start preparing everything for my app. Thanks!
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