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  1. Related question: can I put the position 'student editor' for a journal under the leadership position in Medicine section?
  2. I think you only fill out your home/away electives and not the core rotations that are part of your curriculum. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I went unmatched this year. I plan on doing an online masters program. Any idea what masters degree most medical graduates do? Thanks
  4. Hello, I went unmatched this year and thought of writing the MCCQE 1 to strengthen my application. The problem is I can only write the fall session, which is late October. When do we get the results? Will it be too late to submit to CaRMS, which closes last week of November. Any advice on this would be helpful. Thanks.
  5. What do you mean by non-applicant? Are you CMG or IMG? Didi you have deadline to confirm your interview offer? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I understand that after your family medicine training, you can specialize in Emergency medicine. There are details for this match on the CaRMS website. I would liek to know if family medicine residents can specialize in other areas in Canada. I am particularly interested in Pediatrics/ Child health. Are there Canadian programs that allow family medicine residents to specialize in child health to work in the role of community Pediatricians? Any info on this would be useful. Thanks.
  7. Sorry to post in your thread but I have a related question. I have only worked as a research assistant so far. So, should I list these under work experience and list them again under scholarly work? Also, under the scholarly work section, they say you can add any journal clubs attended etc But you do these anyways whenever you are part of a research work right? or did I read that wrong? Plus, how can you provide proof for journal clubs that you attended or grand rounds that you attended? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. I'm so glad this thread is created.Could someone please explain difference between scholarly activity vs research? I do not understand CaRMS explanation. Are the scholarly acitivities all done under research? Also, if you have only done paid research work then would you put it under work experience or research exp? If I put mine under research, then the work exp part will be blank. Thanks
  9. Hello, I'm taking the NAC OSCE this year and would like to know if we have to know the doses of the drugs prescribed for the various conditions? Thanks
  10. Hello Internist, Quick question about LORs. Does it make a difference on who writes your letter? For eg: if I have to choose from 2 referees, writing the exact same letter quality wise, does it matter if the author is professor practicing as consultant for years vs. assistant prof who just became a consultant? Does the CaRMs committee take that aspect into account or do they only concentrate on the quality of the letter? Will they choose a student with LOR from consultant for years or does the other student with LOR from a fellow turned consultant recently with equal quality of letter considered as well? thanks!
  11. Thanks for the reply leviathan. What do they base the ranking on then? Interview performance, I suppose. On what basis do they then invite applicants for interviews? Thanks.
  12. Hello, I'm an IMG who will be writing the MCCEE in 2 months. I was wondering what is considered as competitive scores. I haven't found any clear information on that like the USMLE Step 1. My plan is to apply for pediatrics. What would be the cut off out of 500 for this specialty or any other that any of you know of? Thanks
  13. I still have these books and materials.
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