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  1. So I have all of my pre reqs done for dentistry and am not really interested in finishing my science degree. I was wondering if anyone has thought of doing the dental hygiene program instead of finishing sciences? Would this possibly give you an advantage over other applicants with the experience that you obtained in a dental setting (plus give you an awesome summer job while in dental school)?
  2. Awesome haha I really hate doing the pat and rc part on the computer!
  3. Hey I'm just wondering if we get a periodic table on the real dat? Also is it computerized like the American one or is it like a scantron sheet? Oh and how accurate would you say the Barrons and Kaplan practice tests approximated overall scores?
  4. Do you honestly think that getting a gpa of 3.9 in your undergrad will make you a way better dentist than someone with a 3.3 or even a 3.0. Your undergrad has nothing to do with the actual practice of dentistry. Once you get into dental school everyone is on a level playing field. There is also a good chance that someone with a 3.0 gpa may make a better dentist that someone with a 3.9. Dentistry isn't just about book smarts, its about using the practical skills you learn in dental school, not your undergrad, and someone with a lower gpa may excel in this area. I think that this is a problem with the admission process in Canada and that Canadian school are missing out on a large number of applicants who would make amazing dentists and Australia is lucky to get these student. I'm NOT saying that grades are not important, but that book smarts don't necessarily translate into good dentistry. And if you were to check out my previous post I did only have a 3.1 my first year. However, i did quit playing varsity hockey and currently have around a 3.7 after my first set of mid terms.
  5. i was also wondering how much and the type of volunteer work that is needed for a strong application?
  6. Im just wondering if anyone had any pointers on the type of people that they used for their reference letters on their applications. I also just finished my first year of my undergrad with a 3.1 GPA. I Know this seems low but I also play for a varsity team and was wondering if that was taken into consideration at all. Also is it worth writing my DAT exam in November with this GPA or is it better to wait?
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