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  1. Hey everyone! I have given away these textbooks already, thanks for your replies.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently a resident trying to thin out my bookshelves. I have the following textbooks in excellent condition (unless otherwise noted), free to a good home. Toronto Notes 2014, including STAT notes and Clinical Handbook Step up to Medicine, 3rd edition (some notes in pen in 2 chapters) Rapid Interpretation of EKGs, Dubin, 6th edition The Calgary Black Book: Approaches to Medical Presentations, 2013/2014 edition Case Files, Surgery Basic Immunology, Abbas and Lichtman, 3rd edition Respiratory Physiology: the Essentials, West, 9th edition
  3. It's actually not. The spots you see left over at Western Family every year are initially IMG spots which weren't available to CMGs first round (this is also true of the anesthesia spot left over at Western this year). All the CMG spots tend to fill every year. Western Family is quite selective with which IMGs they choose to rank first round and as a result, usually have spots left over in the second round, making it seem like they never fill. Western family is actually quite popular with people in the Southwestern Ontario region, and there are CMGs who don't end up getting their first choice of stream etc.
  4. I hadn't heard anything from Calgary either - but just got an invite. Hope you guys got some good news too!
  5. Hi cindylouwho, I've posted about this before - I was offered an unspecified campus offer a couple years ago. In my year, class of 2016, which was the first year they did the 'unspecified campus' offers, everyone ended up getting their first choice of campus. Of course, things change from year to year, so that may or may not be true for this cycle. Hope that helps!
  6. I have a complete Examkrackers Set I am selling, including: Complete Study Package (has study books for Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Verbal Reasoning) 101 Verbal Reasoning Passages 1001 Questions in Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemisty, Physics 1 Full length EK test Orgo Flashcards They are in very good condition. I can meet anywhere in Toronto. Please post or message if interested!
  7. I got an unspecified campus offer last year. From what I can tell, the majority of people who got these offers were people who had London as their first choice and all of us eventually ended up in London! I know it's difficult to accept an offer before knowing the campus and things change every year, but there's definitely a chance that you will get your first choice campus!
  8. London here as well! Can finally start looking for a place now.
  9. I meant that I hadn't received an email from Schulich saying that they received confirmation of my offer from OMSAS. I know that I will only hear about unspecified campus on June 4th.
  10. When did you receive that email DeeDoc? I didn't receive one like that...
  11. Second what scao said - thanks rmorelan and Stahs for the info! Knowing there is a definite possibility of being at London makes my decision a bit easier.
  12. Accepted (Hamilton)! cGPA: 3.84 MCAT: 11 VR ECs: 2 research positions (no publications), 1 long-term employment and involvement with one university club. I thought Casper and MMI went really well for me this cycle, but after learning more about the program I am not sure whether it is a good fit for me. Also interviewed at Queen's and Western and received offers from both, so I have a lot of thinking to do about this.
  13. Accepted! 2 year GPA 3.89/ cGPA 3.84 10PS/11VR/11BS Q MCAT 4th year undergrad ECs: 2 research positions (no publications), 1 long-term employment and involvement with a university club. MMI part of the interview was hit and miss for me - some stations I thought went well and some were not as good, one was absolutely tragic. Panel went very well, helped me end my interview on a high note. Also interviewed at Western and McMaster and received offers from both. Big decision to make!
  14. Accepted at Unspecified campus - Accepted to London campus on June 4th. Top 2 years GPA: 3.89 (cGPA 3.84) non-SWOMEN MCAT: 32Q (10PS/11VR/11BS) ECs: 2 research positions (no publications), 1 long-term employment, involvement with a university club. Did not think my interview went very well at all, so surprised at the offer. Really had my heart set on Western after my interview, but unspecified campus kind of puts a damper on things. Also interviewed at McMaster and Queens and received offers from both. Big decision to make!
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