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    supporting docs

    In the reference section you simply tell the ad com who your references are and how you know them. The letter of reference written by your referrer is what is confidential and is to be sent directly to the ad com – i.e. you never get to see the letter.
  2. Jwells

    Chemistry Question + Answer

    I don't mean to be picky, but I will be. 80 + 75 = 155, not 115 and you should have 4x when the parenthesises are removed, not 3. This gives X = 155/4 = 38.75 It's funny how we manage to make equations work to the right answer when we know the final answer. (Dan's equations are right, just a small arithmetic error). To AndyDude, I think I see where you made your mistake. You set up your equation as follows: 50*(T2-T1) = 150*(T2-T1) <-- I think when you wrote this you realized T1 on the left is not the same as T1 on the right. Be careful with your notation. and you were thinking that the temperature in both cases should be final minus initial. The problem with this is you are claiming that the Heat lost equals the heat gained. In actuality, the MAGNITUDE of the heat lost equals the MAGNITUDE of the heat gained. We need to be consistent with our notation which means we need to define either heat lost or heat gained as positive, and the other as negative. This makes the equation look like the following: (T2 is still the final temp, TA and TB are the two starting temps) 50*(T2-TA) + 150*(T2-TB) = 0 <-- This says Heat Lost plus Heat Gained = 0 OR 50*(T2-TA) = - 150*(T2-TB) <-- notice the negative sign If you push that negative sign inside the parenthesises you get 50*(T2-TA) = 150*(TB-T2) which is the same as Dan was showing you.
  3. It could be carried by an African swallow!
  4. Would that be an African or a European swallow?
  5. Jwells


    As far as I know interviews for OOP applicants are this Friday.
  6. Jwells

    do i give up?

    I figured as much with regards to the interviews. I have also unofficially heard "the chances of you being contacted now were extremely slim" at this stage. With regards to your ECs remember volunteering is not the only way. EC stands for extra curricular, not volunteering. People seem to get so wrapped up in the view of ECs that volunteering often seems to be the only way. In reality school love it when they see you involved in sports and other activities that you do for yourself. They are looking to see if you are a well rounded invidividual that can 'play nice' with others. So ifnd something you enjoy, and do it. Naturally, something organized is easier to reference on your resume but don't let that hold you back. Be creative.
  7. Jwells

    do i give up?

    If I was reapplying and concerned about my MCAT mark I would rewrite simply because I don't know if MUN gives out marks for scoring higher on the MCAT. As has been mentioned, no one seems to truly know what sort of a scoring system MUN uses. Personally I would rather rewrite the MCAT and later learn that I wasted my time rather than to not rewrite and learn I could have potentially been accepted had I rewritten and scored higher. One caution though, be sure you are better prepared than you were before. I have heard of people scoring slighter lower on their second MCAT and being turned away because their score decreased by a single point (despite still scoring a respectable score). I believe there is a comment on this forum about someone in that situation but I don't recall where. Like anything, this could simply be hearsay. Don't forget you have the option to speak with a rep from MUN regarding why you didn't get an interview (that's assuming you don't get one, seeing as the rejections have not yet been released). They may be able to say plainly yes or no to your MCAT. On a separate note, didn't you mention the interview you received last year was for the end of March and you weren't notified until the beginning of March? Has anyone received a semi-official word on if all interviews have been released? I wonder if we are jumping the gun with the whole "I didn't get an interview" thread (I say this to myself as well).
  8. Jwells

    do i give up?

    Something you need to consider is the strength of the applicant pool from year to year. MUN typically has a smaller IP applicant pool than most universities which I imagine leads to a greater fluctuation in the quality of the applicants. That is why what may be good enough to be wait listed one year might not be good enough for an interview the fooling year. It also means it might be good enough for admission in subsequent years. It can be frustrating but it can also give us a glimpse of hope. With you grad GPA as strong as it is you leave me wondering if you would be better off applying to schools outside of Newfoundland (maybe you have?). Some schools simply look at your most recent or strongest years when calculating GPAs. Some give bonus points to grad GPAs while still considering your undergrad GPA. I know in most cases it is very difficult to be admitted as an OOP applicant but not all schools treat OOP students differently than IP students. There are also the less attractive options. You could consider doing another undergrad degree or additional undergrad courses to help boost your GPA. Unfortunately, once you already have a large number of courses completed it takes a large number of additional courses to significantly increase your GPA. Sadly, at the end of the day you do need to ask yourself if you have travelled all the paths you are willing to travel in your attempts. Some people will say continue to apply against all odds, but only you can decide when enough is enough.
  9. Does anyone have an idea of how many rounds of interviews MUN typically goes through? It seems as if MUN has already offered a round to the maritime residents and two round to NL residents. March 7 seems to be scheduled for OOP residents. This late in the game do you expect there to be other rounds of interviews for maritime or NL residents or is it a safe to assume only OOP residents will be hearing back for interviews from her on?
  10. Jwells

    Anyone know about the Ottawa Locations?

    I tested at 5303 Canotek Road. I was happy with the test centre. There were 5 computers (or was it 6?) which meant there was very little in and out traffic. All in all it made for a relaxing setting. At first glance, bus service to the area was less than perfect. There was a morning bus to and a late afternoon noon bus from the site. The bus to the site was at a good time but the bus leaving the site wasn't until hours after I finished so I took a short walk to Montreal Road and caught a regular bus route from there. All in all I was happy with this location.
  11. Jwells

    sweaty hands

    I run my hands under ice cold water before heading into the interview / waiting room. I find this works wonders, unless of course you are kept in the waiting room for an hour before the interview starts.
  12. Jwells

    Audio osmosis

    I used audio osmosis as a supplement to other MCAT books. I found it was a great help for those days spent walking to/from the library or any other time I spent walking or taking the bus somewhere. I don't think audio osmosis would have been enough by itself for my studying as I am more of a visual learner than an audio learner.
  13. rlh and amixofmisfit mentioned they have interviews for Feb 1. They are both newfoundlanders.
  14. Jwells

    MCAT w/o prereqs

    Kapers, the text books I used were books from the university library. They were the same books used in the university courses but were usually a few revisions behind. Core sciences don't tend to change much so it wasn't a problem. For MCAT prep books I used EK and Kaplan. I found each had their advantages.
  15. Anyone from NL hear yet? I get the feeling NL residents will start hearing back sometime this week.