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  1. Chiming in. Does anyone know if Mac uses the "good/bad" waitlist system? Or is there no transparency between the two?
  2. Waitlisted. GPA: 3.95 VR: 11 MMI: Thought it went okay. 1-2 stations I felt bad about. The rest were above-average. Anyone know: 1) When next batch of offers come (looked like it was May 26 based on last year)? 2) Roughly what the % acceptance rate is off the waitlist?
  3. Rejected. 3.95 10 VR Interview: thought it was okay. Also, froston, were you in Group #1 on Mar. 29 at 11:30 am? Just wondering since I remember a law school guy there.
  4. Welp didn't get waitlist email. Looks like only rejection is left haha.
  5. This is in addition to the one you received in the morning?
  6. Maybe, they sent out emails to top 150 (acceptance), bottom 150 (rejection), and it's the middle 200 that they messed up. (Clearly this is the best theory we have lol)
  7. Well my last name begins with one of {X, Y, Z} so that's plausible lol. What about you Sarvish?
  8. Just a guess really. Albeit a pessimistic one. I just feel that the most likely scenario is that they sent out the acceptances, and messed up the waitlists/rejection emails. I'd rather mentally prepare for a rejection at this point than an acceptance.
  9. Yeah, at this point, pretty sure there's no more acceptances. I didn't get any emails today, legit or error emails. Pretty disappointed with how Mac has handled this, but guess they're doing their best to rectify the situation. I just hope we won't unceremoniously get an email at 7:00 pm telling us we were rejected.... EDIT: nevermind. Just got the error email.
  10. Seriously? I would be pretty upset. I don't even know what to believe in anymore. I just hope we have closure by the end of today.
  11. I think it's very unlikely at this point that there are any more acceptances, regardless of what they say about the computer issues. Guess we can bank on waitlists still. Those haven't come out yet.
  12. Yeah, it's looking less and less likely as time goes on. Hard to say what went wrong for me, but guess I'll try to improve for next year.
  13. Well, still no email. Guess this probably means a rejection. Dang, guess better luck next year.
  14. Same. This is hard to gauge. Only source of information we have is the twitter... and that says rolling admission on-going throughout the day. No idea lol. Kay I'm going to take a break from this and check back later.
  15. Yeah, just give us some closure already, Mac. Was anyone rejected yet? Doesn't seem so from the forums.
  16. Yeah this really sucks. From reading the thread last year, it seems like acceptances/rejections were all sent at around the same time-frame at ~8:00 am. I'd rather have that than the delays we're getting this year, haha. Aw well, fingers crossed.
  17. Same. I am grasping at loose straws right now. This will suffice as a straw. Also, it seems like everyone who got the reaction vid email got accepted today. That can be straw number two.
  18. Yeah, guess we have to wait until end of the day now. Still annoying nonetheless. Make it quick. Dragging it out is really grating. Congrats on the people accepted thus far and best of luck to us still waiting.
  19. Guess technology just had to break down on us now, haha. Aw well, at least now there's some hope for us still waiting.
  20. Dang, still no news. Don't know what this means. Hoping for the best!
  21. Yeah, you guys are probably right. Still seems odd to me that they'd ask you to potentially record yourself getting rejected. But, since it looks like everyone has received this (sans blue00), it's probably nothing. Time to find something new to overanalyze!
  22. blue00 could be legit. Who knows. It'd be pretty mean to ask someone to set up a recording, only to reject them. Also, don't forget that these emails are supposed to be confidential. Us sharing them is an exception.
  23. Hey all, Electrical engineer here interested in med. I'm a little late to the game (3rd year already). But, my GPA's good (3.95 cumulative), and I know I can rock the MCAT (planning to write this summer). Right now, I'm mostly concerned with the "soft" stuff. I've only had co-ops in the industry, and one unfruitful research stint last term (was going to work on making biomed sensors, but prof changed his mind and I ended up designing some garden-variety antennas). I'd like to know the likelihood of getting an interview if you have good numbers (assume above cut-off) but average/mediocre extra-curriculars for med. I'm asking this just so I can get a feel if I should bother applying this year (late as it is already) and do more med related stuff this fall so I have more things to say on the interview. Again, appreciate whatever nuggets of wisdom you guys can throw my way.
  24. Hi all, First time poster here. A basic question, but as the title says, are there any important differences between the Canadian medical schools? My pre-med friends seems to treat them the same and gave me advice to that effect, but with difference admission standards (i.e. no pre-reqs, no mcat, at some schools), the overall length of the program (3 versus 4), plus the name/reputation and of the school itself, shouldn't there be a pseudo-"hierarchy", if you will, towards the schools? Or am I just looking too deeply and whatever differences are negligible? Again, I'm just curious about this (premed newbie). Any information is welcome.
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