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  1. All UofT sites will prepare you with enough real world hands-on experience that will leave you ready for practice but each with a slightly different flavour and level of adaptability in regards to elective and exposures to certain populations. This is a good resource to start with to compare the different sites. https://www.dfcm.utoronto.ca/file/1450/download?token=XtjpdK1F
  2. +++ Second both these recommendations, Atul's books add to that out of the box perspective as well as a very relevant approach to the dying process that I still integrate into my own patients
  3. Fresh Fry, sorry *23 english speaking spots correct, yeah not a nice number at all
  4. Urology is also ridiculousy competitive this year in comparison to last year with about about 50 applicants for 23 english speaking spots
  5. The student lots are pretty far from campus, its a good 15-20 min walk from some of them unless you get the stadium parking (which is still the northern end of campus near the gym). Most of your classes will be at HSL in the first year at least. There's not much in the way of free parking in and around campus, most of the street is available for 1-3 hours of parking in westdale and south of campus, obviously the further out you go the higher the time limit. It's easier to find parking at the hospitals both paid and free, you'll learn to know the streets that have no time limits near Joe's and the Juravinski. Another option for ~ $100 / month is to get an upper year who isn't using their transponder and rent it from them which gives you access to all the hospital parking garages including Mac's. Your last option would be to find a driveway near campus to rent on kijiji which a few people had done, sometimes they end up being closer than the student lots. Hope that helps!
  6. Good luck everyone! So ecstatic to meet the class of 2017 in a few months!
  7. You'll get an email after the interview weekends are over (got ours last year on March 27) with a link to the campus ranking survey
  8. Accepted!!! Will be heading to Mac ( Hamilton campus) for sure! Time : 8:02 Gpa: 3.73 MCAT: 32R 11 VR So stokeddd! Cant wait to meet you all!!!
  9. Got the wait list email at 9:05 last year so the 24 hour countdown has begun!
  10. Man o man o man, so close, 1 more sleepless night to go!
  11. 1) Hamilton (love the campus feel, prefer in class lecture styles) 2) Waterloo (did my undergrad there, family and friends nearby) 3) Niagara (would be just as happy here too, really close decision between Waterloo and Niagara)
  12. Sorry for the crazy posting, so went through the links above, and I guess a key decision would be the new facilities that were supposed to be completed Spring 2013. If some of the Niagara students could chip in on this? Will the medical school be in the wing of the hospital or still a separate building? Also rumor had it Waterloo was more optimal for surgical exposure as opposed to Niagara which was more EM focused, is it just a rumor?
  13. Here are some past links I scavenged, haven't checked them out myself yet ( Mac Waterloo Regional Campus?) http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68352&highlight=satellite Campus Selection! http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60687&highlight=satellite Regional Campuses? http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52547&highlight=satellite Hamilton, Waterloo, vs Niagara campus? http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39308&highlight=satellite Hamilton vs. The Loo vs. Niagara http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32314&highlight=satellite
  14. ^ditto, can't seem to make a decision for second choice between loo and niagara
  15. Considering there's about 180 people interviewing this weekend this forum is slightly quiet :/
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