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  1. TBH dental corp throws some pretty good parties during ASM each year
  2. And what happens to these retained earnings? Can you do anything with them? Like what's the main reason for this other than the 15% tax rate?
  3. Jr bedroom in a condo at Bay Street and College Street for rent from Sept 1, 2019 – Aug 31, 2020 (earlier move-in possible), fully furnished, utilities +$25 flat-rate, internet +$27, sharing kitchen and washroom with one female roommate, female only, quiet young professional or studious student preferred, a lot of storage space, two closets, free laundry in the unit (the bedroom has no window). Very convenient and safe location, close to supermarkets, universities and hospitals. Photos and videos link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27829948@N06/sets/72157704923222422/with/47721699252/
  4. Well I'm pretty sure there is a cost and that somebody is paying for it, unless Apple is donating these for free.
  5. Looking for a roommate for either short or long term lease, female preferred, available June 1st but can also accommodate other starting dates such as August or September. The unit is a spacious 557sqft one bedroom condo with 1 bathroom and a large kitchen. Utilities are included, internet is to be shared, ensuite laundry. New floors and paint recently done. Available is either the bedroom or the living room. Bedroom is cozy, fully private, no windows, and fully furnished. Living room will be spacious, with a view of Bay street from the 22nd floor, and semi private via a partition/room divider. Also will come fully furnished. Both available @ $850/month Within short walk to U of T and major UHN hospitals, also very close to Queens Park and College TTC stations. Perfect for medical students visiting for electives or longer term medical students at U of T. For more information and pictures, please PM! Your roommate will be another female student completing her doctoral degree at U of T.
  6. Oh, yes indeed - I meant in comparison with the RBC cashback card. For travellers any premium travel card beats the MBNA smart cash. Even though I have the MBNA smart cash, I now almost exclusively use the scotia gold passport! update: nevermind, the mbna smart cash is no longer all that great
  7. You're better off with the MBNA Smart Cash card which offer 5% cash back for grocery and gas for the first 3 months, and then 3% thereafter. 1% for everything else - no tiered system, and no annual fees.
  8. It's not really about RBC or Scotia, but about the specific branch and people that you deal with. If you have a great relationship and receive solid service - then that's the branch I'd stick with and if it's either of the two banks, then either is good. That being said - Scotiabank has it written in their contract that the interest will stay at prime for the life of the loan, whereas RBC does not. Personally I've switched to Scotia and don't regret it one bit - the service at the RBC branch was good, but one particular banker was horrible and that one banker alone was enough to cause me to switch over. Oh, and within 1 day of having the LOC closed - before I even had the chance to close my "no limit student" chequing account, the $10.95 fee that was waived as part of the LOC package was charged to me. Within a single day! Needless to say, that whatever prospect of me keeping my chequing account or any future investments, loans, and mortgages that I had planned at RBC is now zero (was actually going to keep the account active but not anymore). Unless of course I move and the best branch with the best service happens to be RBC but for the time being - I can't recommend Scotiabank more. If you want to switch they make the process so easy for you. They order the cheques for you right away for free - while at RBC you'd have to order them yourself, get charged the $40 fee, and then email them to request for it to be reversed.
  9. Do you know if the maximum of $250,000 is Canada wide or just for UBC students?
  10. The personality test isn't given a score - it's used as a general assessment of what sorts of character traits you possess. You'd think this would be taken care of by the interview but since the interview itself is given a score based on the CDA interview, I guess they want to just view the applicant from a different angle. Not only that but the personality test also checks for consistency in your answers - since they'll be asking the same thing in different ways.
  11. For the PAT - Barron's provided the strategy (also turned to that wicked sick PAT tutorial thread from SDN), CrackDATPAT provided the practice tests. For RC I used TopScore for practice
  12. no, anatomy is not necessary in depth and neither is biochemisty, the kaplan blue book covers both to the accurate extent...
  13. You have too many resources already! Kaplan, Barron's, and Cliff's AP should be enough!! Don't get Cliff's DAT
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