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  1. NotADoctor

    Question about Interviews

    Hey, The MMI at Dal does not ask any questions about your CV. In fact, the interviewers are blinded to any personal info besides your name. That being said, you have opportunity to talk about your experience/life in the MMI style interview, there just won't be a direct question about it. MMI questions are looking at your critical thinking and inter-personal skills. There are many examples on the internet about MMI questions. Many deal with ethics, current topics, healthcare, vulnerable populations, etc. Its important to understand why you want to be a doctor and reflecting on that can certainly help you prepare some quick responses about your experiences, but again, no direct personal questions.
  2. Hey, Dal puts a lot of emphasis on the essay! It is good that you're considering it seriously! As an OOP it is MOST important to have a connection to the maritimes and understand why you are choosing to apply to Dal; it heavily factors into your ranking. For the general essay, the links you provided are good, here is a link (hope it works) to the dal objectives, which are based off of the CanMed guidelines: https://projects.cs.dal.ca/daedalus_med/daedalus/medical/browse/structures and http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/canmeds/canmeds-framework-e You must remember that these objectives are what they expect when you graduate medical school, not necessarily possessing all of them prior! It is good to reflect on your experiences and education, in order to find examples of how you have or are beginning to develop those essential skills that will help you succeed in medicine. Prove to them that you are a well rounded, community conscious, and life long learner! Good luck!
  3. NotADoctor

    Potential Options/success stories

    Hey Bivona, I completed a second degree in an accelerated nursing program prior to starting med school; however, my circumstances were a bit different than yours. I did nursing after not to getting accepted into med school after a few years of applying. I actually decided to step away from applying and take a different direction. My marks were fine, but other parts of my app were lacking. I recommend doing a degree that your genuinely interested in. I enjoyed nursing school and practiced as an RN for a couple years, but the desire for a different scope of practice was still there. From a practical point of view, nursing will prepare you well for medical school; the clinical experience is a huge bonus and you'll be a better caretaker from being a nurse first. If you're truly not interested in nursing, then I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. The accelerated programs are demanding and require you to be committed. Depending on how organized you are, you can still do volunteering and other stuff during an accelerated program (its not that bad). If you're really just trying to boost your marks and your application, then another program may suit you better. Either way, more education is a good thing and you'll further refine your academic abilities.
  4. Have you attempted to apply to Maritime schools being from NB? You're stats are certainly competitive and demonstrate that you can succeed at rigorous studies. I had been applying since 2010 as well, and got in on my 4th try. Do not give up if you truly feel like this is what you want.
  5. NotADoctor

    OOP Wait List Scores

    Hey jbeelen, No, I don't know! Memorial has released their decision letters, so I am assuming there will be a little bit of movement soon. However, I think the majority of the movement for this waitlist will occur once Ontario schools release their decisions.
  6. NotADoctor

    OOP Wait List Scores

    I'm not sure what you mean. The NB campus is typically only for NB residents; the NB seats that were in Halifax were moved when the new campus opened. 30 seats are allocated here. Because of the empty seats this round, Dal will be filling the positions with OOP students. I don't know the official reasons, but I am assuming that they are going with OOP because there tends to be more OOP waitlisted in "reserve" compared to in province applicants, and Nova Scotia/PEI students go to the Halifax campus.
  7. NotADoctor

    OOP Wait List Scores

    From what I can tell, they are waiting!
  8. NotADoctor

    OOP Wait List Scores

    Hey, Current Med 1 here. So, without giving too many details, the number of NB applicants eligible for interviewing this round was low. Meaning that, the number of NB applicants interviewed was close to the number of seats available (30). Remember, all in-province applicants that meet the GPA, MCAT, and Casper requirements are automatically interviewed. Speculation that with the introduction of the casper, the number of eligible applicants decreased. Dal is not going to fill the NB seats with NB students that did not meet the acceptable application score for this round. Meaning that there are empty seats in NB. These seats will be filled with OOP; the Nova Scotia campus has done this in the past by increasing OOP acceptances, so NB is doing the same. Hope this helps!
  9. NotADoctor

    Date Speculation?

    Just to give you some insight......tomorrow is Residency Match Day for the 4th year med students. I realize that results are released via CaRMS, but I have a feeling that the school would not send out acceptances the same day as match day. Fingers crossed I am wrong though!!
  10. NotADoctor

    Do I qualify as an IP?

    I would contact the admissions office to make sure what status you would have. Where were you living prior to high school in NS? It seems that, according to their guidelines, you could be considered in province, but I think it would be crucial to hear it directly from them. If so, then you have proof that they said you are in province.
  11. NotADoctor

    Interview Selection??

    Good to know! I wasn't sure if that was the case, but it makes more sense. So, someone who meets (or is above) the minimums for OOP and has a strong connection essay could potentially have a stronger pre-interview application than someone with extremely high GPA/MCAT and no connection.
  12. NotADoctor

    Interview Selection??

    It appears to be that way according to the 2016 Admissions Review Committee Report. GPA/MCAT, as stated in the report, are used as screening tools when it comes to deciding interviews. I am not speaking on behalf of the admissions committee; I am just using past experience and what the website states. You could imagine that the interview process would be nearly impossible if every Canadian applicant who met the minimum requirements were to receive an interview. I guess I am curious, what about it astonishes you?
  13. NotADoctor

    Interview Selection??

    No, The image you posted states that the Non-Maritime applicants are held to a higher threshold, which means that, even if you meet the minimum, you are not guaranteed an interview. What that threshold may be is the mystery; however, I would think that it depends on the statistics of the non-maritime applicant pool. The supplemental is part of the overall scoring, not a factor for the interview in either maritime or non-maritime applicants.
  14. NotADoctor

    Dal Online

    I wouldn't worry about it! If you look back further in the forums, this happens every year. Pretty sure they are just in the middle of assessing the applications and, in the past, the system down time has related to that. But, if you are really worried about it you can always contact the admissions office for clarification.
  15. NotADoctor

    Invite timing?

    Last year the invites went out on October 20th. I'm not sure if the inclusion of the Casper will impact that; however, I'd guess it will be late October.