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  1. shikimate

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    Rashes are interesting. People don't like it because they weren't taught well, and when they biopsy it and it returns as a pattern rather a discrete diagnosis they get confused because they don't know what a "pattern"* means in inflammatory dermatopathology. * See Ackerman, AB "Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases: A Method by Pattern Analysis" (1978)
  2. USA for sure. Canada doesn't care about USMLE so your good score will go to waste. If you want to match to FM/IM in USA you shouldn't have issues with that kind of score.
  3. shikimate

    Program Descriptions

    So it appears there have been reduction in size of residencies. For example Western has 142+2 = 144 spots for CMG yet the class size is 171, so like 30 people don't even have spots at their home school?
  4. shikimate

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    You could do dermatopathology, but getting a fellowship in the US is madly competitive (and many places don't accept non-US for electives).
  5. This is an artificially created "crisis". They consciously cut CMG residency spots few years ago, in full knowledge of the fact that around this year there'll be a crisis since more students are graduating. If you purposely botch a surgery just so you can go back and "save" the patient or bill for a second surgery later I don't call that good care. A firefighter who sets the fire then try to save the fire to appear like a hero is called a criminal. I blame both the government and the school administrators. If more people write Step 1, match to the US, even for FM and IM, we wouldn't have this problem.
  6. shikimate

    CaRMS Preliminary Match Results

    Scary numbers for IMG, 46% match rate for current year grad (and I am sure the vast majority are CSAs), so >50% chance that you're stuck with huge debt and nothing to show for (unless they match to the US, hopefully). Also just noticed NOSM lost their 100% match rate, is this the first year that happened?
  7. So they cut residency positions a few years before provincial election, then 2 months before the election create "new" residency positions (no specific # or location mentioned, not to mention ROS contract). Who fall for such tricks? Oh yeah, Ontario voters!
  8. Practically my advice to M1-M4s: don't wait for the government to come up with solutions. Stay open minded, do the Step 1 regardless of your personal preference or ideology towards USA. Better to be doing even just a transitional year in USA than go unmatched. Also remember a bad Step 1 score does not affect CaRMS. What will happen is there'll be another brain drain, and one day the electorate will wake up panicking (look at the brain drain of NHS), and politicians will suddenly scramble to find solution. When will this "Minsky Moment" happen? who knows.
  9. https://www.universityaffairs.ca/features/feature-article/canadas-medical-residency-system-leaving-graduates-limbo/ I know many die hard Canadians who does not like the culture of US, the president of US, the guns in the US, etc etc. But waiting for Canadian politicians to enact systemic change to help you, man that takes patience.
  10. Any suggestions as to good place to find short term elective housing in the US? Planning for 4 weeks at Loyola, 2 weeks at UChicago and 4 weeks in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks.
  11. shikimate

    The Perfect Clerk

    Knowing the high yield things in First Aid for Step 1 and Step 2 CK would be a good idea.
  12. shikimate

    CMPA fees by specialty

    At least in ON the provincial government covers a percentage of the fees. Nontheless ob/gyn pay a higher absolute amount compared to other specialties. It's unfortunate because people have a distorted view that pregnancy and birth should be a benign, joyous journey. But if anything there are so many things before, during and after pregnancy that can kill the mother or the baby. (eg. molar pregnancy turning into choriocarcinoma, placental site trophoblastic tumor, amniotic fluid embolism, post partum hemorrhage, DVT/PE, HELLP, etc etc) http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/ohip/mlp/default.aspx
  13. If you're a surgeon or endoscopist in Canada GOOD LUCK getting OR time or scope time these days. If you like procedures go do GI in US, I am sure there are scope clinics that are happy if you scope 6 days a week and do a Sunday clinic.
  14. I would put forensic pathology on the top. As a staff you can do 300 evisceration of all the organs in the body per year. Doesn't get more invasive and procedural than that.
  15. LMCC1 = easy version of Step 2 CK since CK is heavy on IM. Study peds/ob/psych for LMCC as a derm corollary, they are like eccrine spiradenoma and apocrine spiradenoma, kinda the same but not the same, but more or less the way to tackle both is the same.