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  1. Hey there, I haven't yet set my Step 1 date but it will probably be Oct./Nov. this year. If anyone's keen on bumping heads, I'd be happy to participate. Cheers, K
  2. Kirsteen

    Dreaming is real...

    Yes, it's been a wee while, ploughboy! And where are you at these days? I recall the times when you were celebrating your entry to, UWO, was it? I hope all's well with you and you're loving what you're doing. Cheers, K
  3. Hi there, I suppose it depends on what you'd like to do and the current requirements re: licensure and visas. For example, originally I hadn't considered venturing to the US for a fellowship nor full-time job, post-fellowship. However, now that this is a consideration I'm planning to complete the three steps of the USMLE to keep all options open. Cheers! Kirsteen
  4. Hi there, I just heard from a colleague who's completing a rads fellowship in the US and he noted that the completed, 3-step USMLE is required to achieve state licensure, which is also related to obtaining a certain visa that permits a Canadian to work in the US. Additionally, there remain some states in which you cannot apply for a rads fellowship without USMLE scores, i.e., they do not recognize the MCCQEs. Incidentally, this past year, the majority of rads PGY-5s (from English universities) wrote both, the ABR and the RCPSC diagnostic radiology exams. Cheers, Kirsteen
  5. Kirsteen

    Dreaming is real...

    Time flies and thanks for the memories! No, not done residency yet as I opted for the Radiologist-Scientist Training Program at UofT, thereby, tacking a few extra years of research into the training. Good fun. Best of luck with all of your MCATs! <shiver> Kirsteen
  6. Hi, I've no idea. I'm not planning on sitting the USMLEs so I haven't looked into that aspect at all. Cheers, Kirsteen
  7. Hi there, Most recently, I was in touch with Brigham and Women's and they do require the USMLE (all 3 parts) for their neurorads fellowship. Many fellowship programs will post their USMLE requirements on their fellowship webpages. Cheers, Kirsteen
  8. Looking forward to meeting the new UofT rads residents as well as the other new rads residents at the various conferences. Well done! Cheers, Kirsteen
  9. Hi there, I've been in contact recently with a number of US radiology fellowship programs and whether the USMLEs are required or not seems to depend largely on the school. Some schools will accept the MCCQEs whereas some will not. Cheers, Kirsteen
  10. Hi, Now that I'm doing research I don't have as much use for these. I purchased a pocket-sized Wassup Doc binder that includes tabs as well as inserts for patient tracking. I've also got two unopened packages of inserts: 1) "scutbuster", for day-to-day patient tracking; 2) "daily stat pack", which offers detailed patient info tracking, e.g., lab values, vitals, etc. I found these quite useful during clerkship and PGY-1 for tracking patients in the various rotations. The whole lot cost around $60 but I'm happy to sell it for $30. Cheers, Kirsteen
  11. Felicitations, Ian and welcome back. Looking forward to hearing about your UBC adventures. Cheers, Kirsteen
  12. Kirsteen

    McMaster Emergency Medicine

    Hi there, I know two of the three residents who switched out of the Mac Emerg program (I was on service with one of them when they were mid-switch) and the other is a good pal of mine). Two switched into Anes and the other switched into a completely different specialty at another centre. My friend was a UofT--not McMaster--grad. As for two of the folks who transferred, from what they told me of the PD, they were less than impressed and some of the anecdotes they noted didn't make the guy look at all favourable as a PD. I can only comment on the teaching at St. Joe's and overall I'd say that it was very good. Most staff (like any other specialty) were more than happy to offer one-on-one teaching time. Also, residents there were given a good bit of autonomy with some of the staff asking the seniors to field questions from juniors and visit patients with them, i.e., to act as staff. Cheers, Kirsteen
  13. Kirsteen

    McMaster Emergency Medicine

    Hi there, I spent two months in the St. Joe's Emerg service last year and we certainly saw our fair share of very interesting cases including some pretty intense traumas. (St. Joe's has one of the most modern ERs I've spent time in as it was just recently renovated. Additionally, most of the staff there are great folks and the nurses are some of the best and friendliest I've worked with.) Cheers, Kirsteen
  14. Hi there, All of this is a bit of conjecture. Why doesn't someone do the stats to see if there is a significant statistical difference between specialties and match rates over the years? Cheers, Kirsteen
  15. Hey there Dr. P., There might be some ways to complete a cardiology residency followed by some rads training when you finally get to that point, but I'm not up on those paths now (as that's not a route that I intend to take). However, it does seem, these days, that the cardio folks are quite keen to be involved in cardiac imaging. Cheers, Kirsteen