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    its a goodnews/bad news type of situation - it means that IF yuou have not had a HepB shot before - you were never sick. If you have, than you are a non-reacter (20%of population are that way too) and you will need a booster#2, after which approximately 10% will still be non-reactive. Which will require a booster #3, and if you stilll did not respond - too bad, for you mostly. Cause you are not protected from hepB, and they will look at you your HIV serology to make sure that this is not the reason for you not reacting (probably not). And that's where it ends. You might be advised against going in to interventional specialties, but that's all, does not bind you to anything. PM me if you have any questinos about the above.
  2. >>You can take a look at the class schedule here (if you go to Sept 2006 on the left-hand side, you can start scrolling through the Meds10 schedule). Thank you for the link - very helpful. If you don't mind - another question. I noticed that in December there is only 3 exams. MCQ, Short Answer and Anatomy practical. Does the MCQ combine all of those differnt subjects that were brought up in Ph I - cell bio, pathology, biochem, genetics etc?
  3. when you say 4 yrs of undergrad compressed in 4 months do you consider it as a good thing(quick and painless), or more of a challenge (ie I would hate to have done orgo and biochem in 2 weeks time)?
  4. CanHELP is a pretty good option specifically for Canadians who do not have a US co-signor, they accept a Canadian guarantor instead. The amount can be up to 40k/annum
  5. dialntin

    How much OSAP are you getting?

    when can we apply for OSAP, should we wait for some additional paperwork to come through, or after having sent the $1000 deposit?
  6. I know it is somewhere on the queens site - could not find. thank you!
  7. dialntin

    financing US schools

    done, see sticky yeas tried the "wife staying" line - they're not buying it
  8. Ontario resident, GPA 3.93 (4.00) applied to 15 US schools and some canadian scho0ls MCAT 10/10/14/R lots of ECs 5 languages interivewed at Upstate and UVM Rejected 13 US schools (all that money!!!) Accepted UVM Waitlist Upstate - "high priority alterntive list" Mcgill Dalhousie (low teens on the waitlist) Pending (15/5) Calgary Queens UWO
  9. how is deferred different from waitlisted? better, worse, the same? I got a letter with waitlist (low teens) MCAT 10/10/14/R, 3.93(4.0), lots of ECs, OOP when would we typically find out about the movement on the list?
  10. dialntin

    financing US schools

    that is a good advice, except right now I need money to go on to studying in august..., or else I will really have to start worrying about a new application cycle
  11. dialntin

    financing US schools

    that helps, thanks. do they require a co-signor? their application has a space for co-signor, but does it really matter? is their max amount 50k? I thought they would give more if required...
  12. dialntin

    financing US schools

    my parents and their assets.... short answer no, actually aside from my spouse I am alone out here. My wife is an excellent co-signor, alas if I were to study in Canada. As soon as I mention that it is in the states the rebuttal from the bank goes something like ths...well, we'd need a person to co-sign who will maintian canadian residency (physical presence) "aaaarrrrgggrrr" one advisor actually suggested that I find a more distant relative, who would not be likely to take off with me really need'em assests, dagnabit don;'t meant to be grouchy, just frolicking in my misery
  13. Briefly, what are the loan institutions that give LOC/loans etc for studying in the USA. Everyone knows RBC, however thy will only give 150k, anything above - you need a good set of assets to back you up. What to do in the absence of the "assets"? and , just as importantly where does one get another 50k. My impression from dealing with RBC was that they approached the whole matter like business plan where every step had top be secure (understandably). However, in my case it meant that they will not give me 150 if I really need 220k Any ideas? thank you!
  14. dialntin

    anyone get an email yet??

    yep, I could use one after all is said and done.... Now all we have to do is just get in. Take it easy!
  15. dialntin

    anyone get an email yet??

    thanks fishy PS there's a pub in downtown Halifax - DelishysFishysDishys or something like that