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  1. And air ticket prices / accommodations are higher since it is so close to departure date...
  2. Some programs like Internal Medicine release their interview invites all on the same day at Noon.
  3. Further training is available, but not in the specialties that they want.
  4. It will get significantly worse once you graduate and can sign orders...
  5. And so it begins.... This is the thread for interview invites. PLEASE BOLD NEW ENTRIES. Please remember to copy the most recent post, and update it your invite with date. Best of luck, 2018 R1-Applicants ! PS. This thread is strictly for interview invites. Please use the other thread for discussions. ___________________________________________ Anatomical Pathology: Anesthesiology: Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: General Surgery: Internal Medicine: Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Neurology: Neurology - Pediatric: Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: Obstetrics and Gynecology: Ophthalmology: Orthopedic Surgery: Otolaryngology: Pediatrics: Plastic Surgery: PM&R: Psychiatry: Radiation Oncology: Urology: Vascular Surgery:
  6. I recall this stressful period like it was yesterday. Hang in there, it will pass by very soon! Just a few more weeks to the winter break!
  7. This is highly staff dependent. Some staff enjoy teaching more than others, whereas others will delegate this role to their senior residents.
  8. There's one spot reserved for IMG at University of Toronto and University of Ottawa. IMGs can also apply for the Quebec schools.
  9. To add onto the points covered by rmorelan and goleafsgochris, it is a known fact that plenty of medical students engage in research and are able to publish during medical school without having to take a research year. This is especially true In the smaller, hyper-competitive specialties like Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, where every applicant seems to have a few first-author publications. In OP's case, he has proven his research productivity with 6 publications during medical school and would not fall in the example above. To OP, Ophthalmology is not as competitive as it used to be anymore. With 6 publications, I would say you are strong from the research perspective. As long as you commit most of your electives to Ophthalmology and not split them between the two specialties, you should not encounter too much difficulties declaring your passion/commitment to Ophthalmology.
  10. There are many reasons why medical students take a year off, but the most common two I have personally witnessed are: 1) Medical Illness, and 2) Poor academic performance. During that one year, many of them continue to engage in research that they had already been working on previously and will list it as such on their CV. Again, this is just from my personal experiences. Perhaps "red flag" wasn't the proper term, but rather a "flag".
  11. I do not think that taking a research year off DURING medical school is a good idea. It might be a red flag. If you're taking a research year AFTER going unmatched, that's a different story.
  12. Have you considered approaching the residency program director, rather than wait for whatever spots are available?
  13. It feels like it is going to be a tough year every year going forward unfortunately. So many accomplished elective students have rotated through. Thinking of transferring?
  14. I would do a CTU if possible, especially if you are not from UofT.
  15. This forum is not appropriate for questions like this. Please visit your family MD or pharmacy for medical advice.