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  1. I think Lactic Folly really nailed it in this sentence. People do develop moral conscience as they mature. There is also a lot more on the line now that these "bullies" are in medical school. I attended U of T, where the faculty has instituted a safe avenue of reporting critical incidents such as bullying. More information can be obtained here https://md.calendar.utoronto.ca/student-professionalism If found guilty, these "bullies" will receive professionalism lapses that will affect their chances of applying to residency during CaRMS.
  2. This is the CPSO policy on Hepatitis or HIV. https://www.cpso.on.ca/Policies-Publications/Policy/Blood-Borne-Viruses This section would be most relevant.
  3. ArchEnemy

    Class Size?

    From my understanding, QuARMS students do attend university for the first two years. It's not like they are kept away in some dungeon writing papers
  4. ArchEnemy

    Class Size?

    This would be an interesting change. I wonder what would be the benefit of QuARMS in that case? Most medical schools begin accepting students after 3rd year.
  5. ArchEnemy

    CBD = shorter residency?

    All of the residents in the 2016/2017 batches must be really motivated individuals
  6. ArchEnemy

    CBD = shorter residency?

    I heard from some friends that UofO's Anesthesia changed their curriculum to 4 years alongside their switch to CBD in 2016/2017, but recently has switched back to 5 years.
  7. ArchEnemy

    Radiology as a backup...?

    Probably because of videos like these. AI will never be able to replace radiology entirely, but the fear of the uncertainty is probably what drives potential medical students away from this field. It will likely be at least a decade before we see this is implemented in clinical practice. Since most current medical students/residents have a career span of at least 25 years, it is highly likely that they will encounter this in their lifetime.
  8. I did my undergrad in life sciences at the infamous UTSG and I can tell you that majority of my peers who did not make it to Medicine did not make it to other professional schools either after undergrad. Almost half went on to pursue a MSc / PhD, after which only a select few have gained entry into professional schools.
  9. Ortho is one of the most competitive specialties (outside of Canada), so it is not too surprising that some of that competitiveness has creeped back into Canada, especially among IMGs.
  10. If you have done most of your research at the school yet they have decided not to interview you, I would not pursue it any further.
  11. ArchEnemy

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    I think in the smaller programs, this is generally frowned upon.
  12. ArchEnemy

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    It is often best to check the CaRMS Program description website directly since each school has a different policy. The following was retrieved from Ottawa's OBGYN CMG stream: In general for CaRMS, no news is bad news. Program admins are already very busy trying to follow up with those invited for an interview, so they do not have time to email regrets too (although there are programs that do). If you are invited for an interview, you can be sure that they will send you a follow-up email or even call you directly if they haven't heard back from you.
  13. ArchEnemy

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    This means that these programs send out invites without reviewing the Reference Letters. They may or may not use the reference letters when ranking applicants.
  14. Please restrict limit all discussions regarding CaRMS interview invitations to this thread. If you post in the other thread, your post may either be moved here or deleted. Good luck Applicants!
  15. According to my friends are recent graduates of law school, this is very true. Articling positions are scarce and many graduates have troubles finding articling positions. Similar to residency, they are cannot be called to the bar without completing their articleship. Toronto already has 2 excellent law schools. There's no need for a 3rd one.