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  1. I went back to previous year's program description to verify. UBC Derm never had any IMG spots to begin with. UBC Derm converted a CMG spot to a CMG-ROS spot.
  2. No this information is not made available. If there is a particular specialty that you are interested in, maybe ask here and maybe some members would be able to provide more information.
  3. ArchEnemy

    Undergrad vs Medical School

    I believe it varies quite a bit between medical schools. The folks who went through UofT medical school (brady23 and mew) seem to have vastly different experiences. Personally, I felt like the volume in medical school was significantly heavier; akin to "trying to drink from a firehose".
  4. You find that the current representatives on the "Ontario Specialists Association" are a good mix and representative of the different subspecialties?
  5. I think there are 3 radiologists actually -- the Chair (David Jacobs) is also a radiologist. From searching CPSO, I believe Michael Murray is actually certified in family medicine but also practising Emergency Medicine. I'm not sure if Emergency Physicians would be in favour of this individual representing them? What about representation from Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Plastic Surgeons, Pathologists, Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Urologists (list goes on...)? Seems like the same group of 4-5 highly paid specialties (who are targets of impending cuts) trying to camouflage themselves under the guise of "specialties" to remove themselves from the limelight.
  6. ArchEnemy


    I don't think it adds very much to your application. Save your money and use it elsewhere.
  7. Yeah from what I have seen, most of my classmates did not start writing the USMLEs until post-CaRMS (Step 2 CK alongside MCCQE Part I) or during Residency.
  8. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken. I am under the impression that most Canadian physicians do not have much difficulties obtaining the "license to practice". Rather, they experience difficulty in obtaining a valid "Visa" that allows them to stay and practice in the USA. The H1B Visa, as I understand it, requires USMLE. So the goal of the USMLEs is to obtain an H1B visa, rather than securing a license? I am sure that there are exceptional cases whereby USMLE can be bypassed, but this is the minority rather than majority. Ha I would imagine that US would probably be one of the first countries to implement AI into direct patient care. Canada will lag behind by miles.
  9. I have never considered moving to the US during my medical school training. However, it's talks about cuts and the nasty politics displayed by the (previous) government that have convinced me to take the USMLEs while I still have some residual knowledge about FOOSH or menstrual cycles. I would imagine that this will be the biggest hurdle for most practising physicians though. I would rather work in an environment where by skills and knowledge are valued.
  10. I'm guessing that one would at least have to write their American boards, at the very least, if they do not have their USMLEs? Would they just apply for a practice license from the provincial medical association with the LMCC Part I & II?
  11. For those of us who are already with Scotiabank, I don't suppose we would be able to take advantage of this deal?
  12. ArchEnemy

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    I think that these talks are great but as medical students/residents, we are often taught to maintain a certain level of "caution" whenever receiving information like this. If there were some transparency surrounding the event, this would make residents less skeptical. For instance, what's in it for the organizing company? Were the guest speakers invited or did they sign up on their own to speak about the topic? Are guest speakers paid? Are they "selling" their services?
  13. At UofT, they continue to give out Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Search "Cody Medal Recipients".
  14. ArchEnemy

    Consultation Fee as a GP

    My understanding is that A917 $33.70 is billed for GPs with Sports Med training. Can you bill the regular visit fee (A007 $33.70) on top of this? Not sure about dermatology, but I don't think it would make sense that a GP+1 Derm can bill more per consult ($77.20) than a Dermatologist ($72.15)?
  15. ArchEnemy

    Income and Lifestyle

    What kind of requests do pathologists get while on call?