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  1. @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor @GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor Why does Scotiabank offer ScotiaOne checking account with the Professional Student LOC, rather than the Student Banking Advantage Plan? The latter seems like a better banking account. The latter has unlimited Interac e-transfers, which is more popular amongst students than actual cheques.
  2. If we convert the Student LOC to a professional LOC, would the interest rate remain at Prime - 0.25%?
  3. Will we still have full access to $300k LOC even after finishing residency?
  4. Your school registrar might be able to provide this service free of charge. Worthwhile giving them a call before paying for notary services
  5. Thanks for the insight. I am surprised that Pathologists would not try to fight it off, much like Radiologists.
  6. What is stopping pathologists from joining these private labs?
  7. Would this apply to all pathologists? If this is the case, how do private labs like DynaCare or LifeLabs get paid?
  8. Would you be able to share the branch/advisor who helped you out?
  9. Hi everyone - just wanted to wish you all the best of luck tomorrow -- from all of us old timers/geezers I still vividly remember the day I received news of my medical school admission. It was one of the happiest days of my life!
  10. ArchEnemy

    Internal vs Family - need advice

    Would the same apply for those in an academic centre?
  11. I believe it is usually termed PHELO, for Public Health, Ethics and Legal Organization.
  12. I once inquired into this and I do not think that would be possible. Best to consolidate your loans into your LOC.
  13. ArchEnemy

    How to compare med schools in Canada

    If your goal is to get into a highly competitive specialty, I would try to pick a 4-year program (if you have the luxury of choice). We had a 2nd year clerk from a 3-year program here on elective and he/she did not know how to present a consult concisely nor write a proper SOAP note. This was one of their first clinical experience after pre-clerkship. Even though he/she was very hardworking, it does not reflect well since he/she is competing against clerks who have completed all their core rotations.
  14. ArchEnemy

    What is everybody using at med school?

    I second what Gangliocystoma has mentioned -- if you already have a fully functional PC or Mac, then I would go for the iPad Pro / new iPad that supports Apple Pencil. If not, I would go with the Surface Pro which is a full functional OS. The iPad's iOS is limited to Apps found in the App Store, and you may end up spending quite a bit for several note taking apps just to find one that fits your style/liking.
  15. ArchEnemy

    CaRMS Preliminary Match Results

    I believe there are some errors in this preliminary report. I know several unmatched individuals who matched in the first iteration this year, yet the numbers on Page #9 do not reflect this.