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  1. This forum is not appropriate for questions like this. Please visit your family MD or pharmacy for medical advice.
  2. Have you tried speaking to your peers, or even a senior resident that you are closer to about this? Often times, we think that we are the only ones who feel this way, but in fact, every one of your seniors have been through a similar rite of passage and can offer you valuable advice. I am a new PGY-1 like you and I was on home calls for the past 2 rotations. In both rotations, I was "buddied" up with a senior resident (PGY-3 and up) whenever I am on home-call, and I would send him/her a text message summarizing the question/consult whenever I get a call from Emerg or from the floor requesting for a consult/question. Perhaps you can suggest such a system to be implemented in your program, at least for the first block or two that the PGY-1s are on-service. You are on the other side of the fence now. There's no pressure to appear like the "superstar" elective student that can recite Harrison's backwards.
  3. Pick the one that you feel will speak most highly of you. It would be good to pick references from a variety -- e.g. one from clinical volunteering, one from sports, one from resarch etc. Reviewers will be able to get a better sense of you from multiple perspective.
  4. I agree with the above. I would not include it. It is a huge red flag
  5. May I ask where are you in your training? I think perspectives do change as you progress along in your training. It certainly has for me. Ontario students have a student debt (Undergrad + Med school in Ontario) of more than $150,000 at the end of graduation. If the student also has a mortgage of $300,000, he/she can barely make ends meet with a PGY-1 salary.
  6. No advantage for CaRMS, even if you have stellar scores.
  7. I am not sure vacation traveling to India and USA should be classified as "diversity of experience", especially if you are of Indian heritage. Backpacking for several months or a year however, can be considered and you should discuss your experiences as propofolsquad has mentioned above.
  8. I did an elective there in a different discipline, and French certainly isn't required as most of your patients will know how to speak English. Knowing French will be a bonus to your patients, but maybe not so much to your CaRMS application.
  9. No, they are quite different. The AmexGold+ScotiaGold passport combination beats the TD First Class in almost every aspect.
  10. You'll be fine. A few of my classmates got into UofT's medical school after 3 years too, and they all matched to their top choice specialties (even Neurosurgery).
  11. UofT has one of the highest GPA (or wGPA) admission in Canada (3.96 in 2015). I can assure you that there are plenty of my classmates with GPA 4.0 with "superior experiences/communication skills/personality/etc" who are perfectly capable of "dealing with real people". There is no need to stereotype hardworking students with GPA 4.0 as bookworms who are deficient in social skills.
  12. False. Go to a different branch.
  13. This is a great thought, though what discipline would this residency position be in? Each specialty wants to protect itself, and while Family Medicine might seem like the obvious choice given its duration of training, scope of practice and patient need, you can be assured that the CFPC will lobby hard against this. This is partly why the rotating internship year and accreditation was done away with (although not really, as most Royal College residents continue to rotate off-service almost entirely in PGY-1. After going through the CaRMS match, I would disagree and state that academic abilities may not matter as much as most applicants would have thought it would.
  14. I knew a stellar candidate applying for a highly competitive specialty who backed up with IM and did 3 electives (2 pre-CaRMS) in IM. This candidate received multiple interview invites for the highly competitive specialty, yet did not receive any IM interviews at UofT, Mac, Calgary, UBC or UofO. IM is getting more competitive and may not be a viable backup option for many anymore.
  15. Please create a separate thread to discuss the pros and cons of a 2-tier healthcare system. Any further discussion in this thread will be deleted