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  1. Inter-provincial transfer would be a lot more challenging since the funding is tricky. Although the transfer process is supposed to be confidential, everyone will know about it very shortly. Nonetheless, you should do what is in your best interest.
  2. Most IMGs have to redo their residency (or at least part of it) in Canada, even if they have already completed it in a foreign country. The process is long, tedious and uncertain. If your goal is to return to Canada to practice medicine after, your best bet would be to attend school either in US or Canada. If your grades are on the lower side, consider applying for DO schools in the US which have less stringent academic requirements.
  3. Save your money and get the disposable one from the ED. Medical school is already expensive as it is.
  4. I assume that this document must be quite outdated? What does a USMLE score of 75 translate to?
  5. My two cents: apply first and decide later. You can choose not to rank the FM programs if you change your mind after interviews, but not the other way round. The downside is that you lost a few hundred dollars (nbd). Good luck!
  6. Yes, it is possible. If you are a US citizen this would be significantly easier. If Canadian citizen, it is possible too but will most likely have to go on a temporary J1 Visa.
  7. US DO. I think it is easier for physicians to get residency status in US than Australia.
  8. I used to think of one of my classmates as having a "psychiatry" personality as she had a very calming tone, appropriate pace of speech, genuinely cared for her patients and saw the good in every patient. She did not end up going into psychiatry though.
  9. I think you may require an active college license to be able to join group (i.e. only residents & physicians in independent practice).
  10. I think you should redirect your anger towards your predecessors who have sold out pathology, not at these hard working FMGs who have sacrificed so much just to provide a better life for their families.
  11. Physician billings account for ~8% of the total provincial budget, which is approximately the same amount it spends on paying off INTEREST on debt. Considering most of the healthcare SERVICES are offered by physicians, is this still considered a high number? Physicians are often vilified for their "high" billings. However, the truth is that physician billings have been cut (in relative terms) since 2017. For those who criticize physician billings publicly, I see no mention about the issue of rapidly rising costs of drugs, and even fewer attempt to tackle this. It is unfortunate that physicians make easy targets while pharmaceutical companies avoid this due to the facade of "R&D" costs.
  12. I believe your foreign medical degrees and training from UK will be your greatest obstacles. Unless you are recruited by an academic institute who is willing to sponsor both of you for a H1B (or even O1 visa), it will be challenging to obtain the proper licenses to work in US unfortunately. In order to eligible to obtain the H1B, you will need to have completed your USMLEs (Steps 1 - 3).
  13. Internal Medicine requires 2 separate matches. The first match (CaRMS) occurs in the 4th year of medical school, and the second match (MSM) in 3rd year of residency. To find out more information on the programs offered by each school, click here. Cardiac surgeons performing surgeries on the heart, whereas vascular surgeons perform surgeries on blood vessels (abdominal aneurysm, atherosclerosis of lower extremity arteries). In Canada, you are usually either a Cardiac surgeon or a Vascular surgeon, not both.
  14. Each state has slightly different requirements. Some states require the USMLE, whereas others do not. Which states are you and your husband interested in moving to?
  15. I did a quick calculation with the price of a basic model of Honda Civic (auto transmission, without any added features or warranty) valued at $23,376. I assumed the following rates: LOC interest rate = 3.7% Lease interest rate = 0.99% Buyout interest rate = 3.7% As you probably already know, buying a used vehicle can save you more money as the initial depreciation is the highest. However, Japanese cars (esp Civic or Corolla) hold their value very well and may not depreciate as much.
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