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  1. ArchEnemy

    Consultation Fee as a GP

    My understanding is that A917 $33.70 is billed for GPs with Sports Med training. Can you bill the regular visit fee (A007 $33.70) on top of this? Not sure about dermatology, but I don't think it would make sense that a GP+1 Derm can bill more per consult ($77.20) than a Dermatologist ($72.15)?
  2. ArchEnemy

    Income and Lifestyle

    What kind of requests do pathologists get while on call?
  3. ArchEnemy

    BeMo throwing some shade on Premed101

    Most of the "experts" on the BeMo team aren't even MDs, trying to advise people on how to get into medicine...
  4. ArchEnemy

    Where to live downtown?

    The condos on or University or Bay (from Wellesley to Dundas) are generally quite nice and neighbourhoods are quite safe (for downtown standards at least). If your budget allows, I would avoid anything on Yonge St or East of Yonge St.
  5. Calgary also encourages you to contact the programs to confirm your elective position, before applying through the AFMC Portal to minimize fees. Western was the worst. They charge $1000 for late elective applications, capitalizing on the desperation of medical students who are scrambling to find electives. And if there are no positions available, they would not refund the $1000. I wonder if they have made any changes since.
  6. ArchEnemy

    OSAP/NSLSC frustration

    Any reason why they would recalculate your funding? I had almost 8 years of OSAP and never had any issues.
  7. ArchEnemy

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    They could hire hospitalists with extra training in surgical care to mend the surgical wards. This frees up residents so that they can spend more time in the OR. I think that would be safer for patients too.
  8. ArchEnemy

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    In Ontario (PARO), residents can do up to 1 in 4 calls for in-hospital (or 1 in 3 for home call). Some residents have have been doing 1 in 5 or less for in-hospital calls, so now they will just have to do the maximum.
  9. I can assure you that once you are a practising staff physician, you will not want a patient to be able to contact you directly without going through a receptionist.
  10. ArchEnemy

    Tattoo perception?!??!?!?!?!

    This. Medicine is still very much a conservative profession. Yes your patients may not mind it, but that does not mean that your supervisors/administrators will not. Especially with a full sleeve.
  11. You can easily tell a resident/staff from a medical student from the above responses...
  12. @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor @GTA Scotiabank Med Advisor Why does Scotiabank offer ScotiaOne checking account with the Professional Student LOC, rather than the Student Banking Advantage Plan? The latter seems like a better banking account. The latter has unlimited Interac e-transfers, which is more popular amongst students than actual cheques.
  13. If we convert the Student LOC to a professional LOC, would the interest rate remain at Prime - 0.25%?
  14. Will we still have full access to $300k LOC even after finishing residency?
  15. Your school registrar might be able to provide this service free of charge. Worthwhile giving them a call before paying for notary services