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  1. So i have 28 credits for one of my best 2 years and I heard today from a friend that i wont be able to apply to UWO since its under 30 credita (FCL), is this true? thanks
  2. I thought that depends on the school, for example UBC was 3 years last time I checked. OP its best to ask admissions.
  3. uwo is going to require both your best 2 years to bave a FCL so make sure those do or else you cant apply to UWO. I think you will get an interview at UofT tho but its gonna be a tough battle.
  4. If my DAT scores dropped (significantly in 1 section), will any school ask? My PAT score dropped from 26 to 19 and i'm worried now I'm applying to UofT, Western, UofA, and McGill.
  5. Take Rock the DAT course. You're just going to have to wait another year. There's realistically no other way to do well on MDT other than practice or hire a tutor.
  6. The 2 year qualifying program ends up costing you ~80k-100k/year in the US. So you'll be putting an extra 160k-200k in debt on top of going to Australia for dental school. Just thought it was important to point this out.
  7. One thing you're forgetting is you can't practice in the US if you graduated from an Australian dental school. The US is usually a better option if you want to ever practice in the US in the future, Australia is also a good option but just be sure that you will only want to practice in Canada or Australia if you choose that option since practicing in the US won't be an option.
  8. Education is an investment. If everyone thought like you then the US would have no doctors because that's how much nearly every American medical school costs these days. Plus you can make that half-million dollars back. OP- I would accept the US offer and pay the deposit. Then I would continue applying to Canadian Schools for this cycle and if you get into a Canadian school then drop the offer for the US school. If you don't, then go to the US school. Keep in mind, once you reject this offer you're going to have to explain A LOT when you reapply next time. Every school will ask you why you declined the offer since it'll show up on file. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I know this since I have quite a lot of friends in the US right now studying dentistry and medicine.
  9. 3.7 = A- 4.0 = A 4.33 = A+ You can find it by searching google.
  10. Yea it sucks but what can I do. Just hoping for the best
  11. This is what I used for books: Princeton Review to study Biology and Chemistry and I went over all the topics that the CDA provided using notes from undergrad+google+textbooks. For MDT (soap carving) I used RocktheDAT last time and DATBreaker's soap evaluations this time. Both were fantastic, highly recommended. For PAT all you can do is practice, use the CDA manual and as many practice tests you can get your hands on. Reading same thing as above, you just have to practice. For practice tests I used the one provides by CDA manual, IQ Publications and some free tests on DATbootcamp and other websites. There are alot of free tests out there, take advantage of them. And there is no need to waste money on prep courses for the DAT since they are insanely expensive and inefficient. Here is a list of free practice tests to get you started: http://www.predent.org.vt.edu/admissions/dat-sample-test-2009.pdf http://datbootcamp.com/start-training/
  12. I got 30 and 26 and I'm rewriting because my scores might expire and since reading comp might increase to a 20 for western this year.
  13. It's not done on the MCAT but you're right, they would disclose that information if they did.
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