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  1. Congrats on being done the Interviews! Just a suggestion, don't make yourselves crazy by dwelling on each station for the next month. I can tell you that most people's own impressions about their interview end up ultimately being wrong, because you don't know what they are specifically evaluating at each station. Be proud of where you are at this moment and try to enjoy yourselves for the next month! Time is going to fly by and before you know it you'll get your acceptances.
  2. Considering it is you as an individual that chooses how to go about applying for CaRMS, it is your responsibility to do so in a manner that will lead to your greatest success. I think that placing the blame externally rather than internally on the individual is a poor mentality to have.
  3. Honestly there is no benefit to stressing about how to do well in Med1, just enjoy your summer. If you've gotten to this point already, you know how to study and you will learn to adapt quickly to Med school pace. The first block (Block A) is very relax on purpose so that you have the time to adjust. As for textbooks, when school starts, you're going to get all the textbooks you need "magically" given to you. You'll understand what that means in due time.
  4. Just to add onto this with regards to matching, either school gives you every opportunity to match in whatever program you want. With going to all the post-match talks of the students this year (at McGill), I believe that reasons for not matching are due to not preparing yourself adequately for a specific speciality that you would like compounded with poor management of your application list. Wether you go to UoT or McGill and don't match, the outcome would have likely been the same had you chosen the other school. It is individual factors rather than school factors that decide matching results, and people who are not in medical school yet tend to weigh "prestige" of school more heavily than they should. Thats just my 0.02$
  5. Scan over the past "Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist" threads and you will be able to assess where you stand. Also, there is no downside to apply so if ever you think you have a sliver of a shot, just apply.
  6. I'm older and I feel average age in the program. To be honest, I think the premeds are the ones that feel more out of place, everyone that's done an undergrad essentially just has the same/similar mentality. So don't worry!
  7. Yes, If you want to defer you will have to let them know of the expected date of completion of your degree with proof of that being a realistic possibility. For instance, they don't want you to say "I'll be done around February", when in reality you haven't even decided what your thesis topic will be.
  8. I believe that as of this year there was an "academic context" subjectivity which was added, so that might have swayed you one way or another. Might be worthwhile to email them and investigate to know where you might improve for following applications (which might not be the case as I see you have received an acceptance - Congrats!)
  9. Just a tip for anyone who's in Quebec and worried about your pre-req GPA from Cegep, You can retake your pre-reqs at a Cegep during your undergrad, that way it won't affect your university GPA (if you're worried about that) but still will count in calculation of your pre-req GPA. I believe this is true, but maybe @McGillMedAmbassadors can confirm this
  10. Damn. Wish I had of known this before, I didn't even have UoT on my list of applications for after my 2nd degree! Good to know for future applicants as it seems to be getting more difficult as certain schools (i.e. Western)
  11. GPA is essentially irrelevant post-interview, and the average cGPA for OOP interview invites was essentially the same this year (3.94) as last year (3.95). If anything, this just shows that there is minimal correlation between GPA and Interview performance.
  12. Waitlist for IP comes at a later date, I believe about a month in. Edit: This was last year, might not be applicable this year
  13. Not sure how residents being on strike for 1 day is considered constant disruptions, but even if you deem it a problem, this will be settled long before you are even close to stepping foot within the hospitals. Additionally, CaRMS match rates (as was previously mentioned) reflects competitive residency applications with lack of proper parallel choices more-so than anything else. Honestly, matching is entirely based on your own performance during your core clerkships and electives. Once you're in medical school, you'll understand that name-brand value of your school means very little in the grand scheme of things. You have to make your own path by being smart and working hard, because if you don't do either of those things, you won't match to the program you want regardless if you're at Harvard or a Caribbean school. Only thing your chosen medical school can help with is possibly getting better elective placements, based on the program's experience with the performance of previous students sent from your school. With regards to electives, McGill provides their students with the most amount of elective-rotation weeks relative to other Canadian schools, so that is a massive positive. All else being equal, choose the school in the city you would most want to stay in afterwards, because that is where you will be doing your core-clerkships and have the most face-time with residents/staff that will be considering you for a residency position. Don't choose your school based on superficial differences, as you'll realize that those become irrelevant very quick
  14. Your application gets rolled over automatically to the MDCM stream if not accepted into the MD/PhD program (based on reports from other students that went through the application)
  15. Just a side note, the email comes in much later than the actual Minerva change. I had my acceptance at ~9:30am but my email only came in at 10:00pm. So I would suggest to check during the day, unless you have the self control of a Monk
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