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  1. Good luck bud! Hope you get it!
  2. Great post Caribou!! Vicodin- In addition to the PM. I kept thinking about your post, as something about it seemed eerily familiar to me. That's when I realized, I made a similar post 5 years ago (situations were different though). Keep at it, and you'll get in. here's the post if you want a laugh (reading my own post gave me a headache, I apologize in advance for the grammar ): http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/49293-help-please/?hl=doc5#entry553777
  3. Perfect! Thanks bud. Do premeds have their own group?
  4. I don't mind taking the initiative. if you guys want you can pm me your names, and we can have pm101 class of 2020 group in advance to the real thing. I also don't mind if someone else wants to take the initiative
  5. I believe you would have to complete your program, part of the condition is that you need to graduate.
  6. A facebook group would be a great idea actually...
  7. It would be best if someone else answers it actually. Although I was accepted last year, you guys are my class mates ( )so I may not have gotten the mailed offer letter last year.
  8. Congrats guys! There is no mailed copy, as far as I know the pdf you see tonight is your offer letter.
  9. must have sucked big time for the 27th person
  10. "ready for review"? Are you by chance a premed applicant? today is decision day for MDCM applicants. Hope that helps!
  11. Oh They did? So there are no more applicants that have been wait-listed pre-interview? In that case, you're right, they should provide the rankings right away. That being said, good luck to all you folks! I hope you all get in
  12. Regarding your PS, your R-Score is definitely competitive! I've known people with lower R-Scores that got invites. At the same time, I've known people with higher R-Scores (Me ) That didn't. So make sure the remaining parts of your application are strong. Good-Luck!
  13. Hey! I can answer this one. MD/MBAs get their invites with the other MDCM students. Like others mentioned, there's still Monday. Good luck!
  14. Hey, If I remember correctly, all updates (Invites, Rejection, Wait list) are on the same day. Although, some people received updates the next day as well.
  15. The title is really misleading :/ ... BlinkBest, what's valuable to you is what matters. If you can explain how it affected you and what you gained out of it, Then it is valuable to the adcoms.
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