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  1. the reason why CPR is not required and offered when school starts is because you need the Health Provider course, not the regular basic rescuer. the health provider course isn't offered in many places (and may be pricey if it is). there is no cost for it if you take it when it's scheduled, usually some time in September. First aid without CPR or with the bare basics cpr is cheaper as well (compared with basic rescuer)
  2. My class (2011) had 5 over 30 when we started (the oldest was 36). There may be a couple more in the club by now.
  3. Hi All, Looking for housing for my elective March 27-April 10 in walking distance to Cape Breton Regional Hospital. If anyone is renting or knows someone that is, please let me know. thank you, ccoh
  4. I started med 2 years ago at age 35...28 is definitely not old
  5. You can always dip into your LOC for a month and pay it back when you get your OSAP funds.
  6. Ask an accountant about claiming computers on your taxes. As for textbooks, there's a certain amount per month of full-time enrolment that you can claim (can't remember what it is off the top of my head, although $65/month rings a bell, but don't quote me on that). CRA will have it on their site.
  7. Depends on the school. If you email admissions, they'll give you the scale (assuming they haven't added it to the website).
  8. 'equipment' could also include a new computer. I don't think it would cost $3250 even if you bought everything the reps demoed.
  9. Considering how short most communities in Canada are for family doctors, I think this is a good idea. It won't eliminate the need for family doctors, just take away some of the stress and backlog, IMO. NP's can take care of many of the 'wellness' visits, checkups, paps, etc, with stable chronic disease monitoring and simple acute visits, and leave the FP's to deal with the more complicated and what many FP's consider (at least in my experience), more interesting patients. There is a limit to the scope of practice of NP's (which that brief article doesn't lead you to believe) where they know if and when to refer to docs. Another good thing about NP's, since they're on salary, you usually get more than 5 minutes of their time per appointment.
  10. Wait until the reps from Welch-Allyn come to talk to you...they offer a really good group discount on scopes. Most people got the Littman Cardiology III. I think it's over 200 without the group discount. Was a good 50 off (possibly more, but don't quote me on that).
  11. M = 1000 in bankspeak...as in Roman Numeral M
  12. On my first appointment with a new doc as a teen, she asked if I was sexually active and if we needed to talk about birth control (which we didn't do at that time). She told me to tell her WHEN we did need to talk about it (and she would ask me again every so often) which can be a good segue into talking about STI's. Don't assume they are learning about it in school or through parents...it sometimes happens, but often does not. I've been living/working in a northern community for 6 weeks and the education about STI's is poor at best, and the rate of STI's and teen pregnancy is quite high here. Don't be afraid to broach the subject...many teens are too shy to bring it up themselves but really do want to talk about it. Having condoms with easy access in the clinic is also great...either in a basket in the exam rooms that they can take when they're sitting there waiting for the doc to come in or in the bathrooms.
  13. yeah, weird and a bit of a bummer. If you've been in school forever (like me!), there's a lifetime limit on OSAP, but which can be extended for a 'doctorate', and even though you graduate a doctor, it's still a bachelors, so no extended osap. Frustrating!
  14. mine gave me a message saying that my income was lower than they expect (they want you to have 6500, I believe), and they were only asking how I planned to meet expenses, and I just typed in that I would use my LOC.
  15. Only way you'd get a lower amount (earnings aside) is if you've reached or are close to, your lifetime max, which i believe is 340 weeks of OSAP, but you can confirm the exact amount on the OSAP site.
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