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  1. ploughboy

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    Ah, got it. I was picturing an actual summer. I think we got two weeks, and I think I spent most of it sleeping. Can't imagine doing yet-another-elective in that time.
  2. ploughboy

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    You have a summer before M4?
  3. ploughboy

    DVM vs. MD

    Ok, a more serious answer...I'm not a vet, but I do have a couple of large animal vets in my extended family. They work hard. They're doing fine financially, but you really have to love the work, and it's very physically demanding. Last time I checked, admission to OVC was as competitive or more competitive than med school. I'd suggest really figuring out what you're getting yourself into -- ie do a bunch of shadowing with a variety of vets. And don't be afraid to ask questions about money -- people are always shy about doing that.
  4. ploughboy

    DVM vs. MD

    Well my Daddy's a vet and if I was one too, the one thing he Always taught me to do was get paid, cash money Jam and eggs is a kind enough thank you, but not for the Bookkeeper, not for the banker The margin's thin on treatin' large animals unless it's a Purebred or, more understandable, a racehorse of some kind You see son, city folks pay a high dollar to make sure Fido Ain't hot under the collar, that's where the money is Boutique animal hospitals, shopping malls, cocker spaniels Pomeranians; hang your shingle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JChwFoCxVC8
  5. boggle Really? We had to log our procedures as clerks: x deliveries, y intubations, z foleys. Not just procedures, either: end-of-life conversations, newborn exams, etc etc . There was a big list. Not hard to collect them all, a bit of a pain to log them.
  6. For better or worse, this also will prevent programs from playing the "oh, we couldn't find a qualified IMG for our IMG spot in the first round, so we're going to take a CMG in the second round" game...
  7. I've never been so sick as I was on peds ER during snot season. I wanted to die, but couldn't.
  8. ploughboy

    OHIP Billing

    "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."
  9. And to clarify, I'm not making excuses for Christine Elliot. Though at the moment, I still dislike her less than I did Eric Hoskins. That may change with time, though...
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yes_Minister
  11. Sorry for piling on, but this gave me a morning chuckle.
  12. I'm not a surgeon, but my $0.02. When I was a trainee I took long pieces of dental floss, tied them to a drawer handle at the midpoint and threw knots with the loose ends, over and over again. Pretty soon you get to the point where you don't require a lot of conscious thought to do it, and can watch TV or something at the same time -- like an old woman knitting socks by the fire.
  13. Governments come, governments go. I'm beginning to think the problem lies a layer deeper; and that the upper-level bureaucracy in the MOH has decided that their best strategy going forward (likely for financial reasons) is to play hardball, no matter what colour of necktie is being worn by the premier of the day.
  14. Actually, I think there are people at the MOH with very long memories. And I don't think the MOH got what they wanted from their prior approach. So now they're changing tactics. Just a sense I get from watching from the outside.