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  1. As others have mentioned, too many variables to say for sure. But when in doubt, do a home school elective.
  2. Youth is wasted on the young.
  3. Ya, our group shares a billing agent. Well worth it. Tick-box billing sheet with a space to add extra codes. Handy-dandy double-sided laminated sheet at the desk showing all of the typical procedure, time-of-day premium etc codes. (I also have the schedule of benefits on my phone, in case there's something I want to confirm). She submits it, deals with OHIP when they won't pay up (always a couple of patients a month, seemingly at random) and saves us all a bunch of time and hassle.
  4. You also have to have the income to justify it. No insurer is going to sell you a $25k/month policy if you only make $15k per month.
  5. Ya, I was just making a joking point that having to pay for a great big disability policy is one of those 'good problems' to have...
  6. I'd love to be paying those premiums... (but I don't have an $890k yearly earned income to protect)
  7. The hospital lets the surgeons tell the patients they'll have to wait...
  8. OATC has a clinic in Lindsay. Is there enough of a market (for lack of a better word) to support both clinics?
  9. LOC insurance benefits nobody but the bank. On the flip side to not getting some term life as a medical student, the counter-argument goes something like "you might not need it yet, but life circumstances can change and you can get $100k for cheap (?for free from OMA insurance) so why wouldn't you".
  10. If you're living the single, no kids or other dependents lifestyle, there's an argument to be made that you don't need life insurance You're dead, you didn't need to provide for anybody else, nobody else is liable for your LOC and it's the bank's problem. Different situation if you're disabled. In the unlikely but catastrophic event that you suffer an acquired brain injury, or a c-spine injury, or develop some weird auto-immune thing that makes it impossible to complete your entire training, the last thing that you and your family need is to be worrying about paying for your long-term care. Get disability insurance.
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