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  1. Actually, I think there are people at the MOH with very long memories. And I don't think the MOH got what they wanted from their prior approach. So now they're changing tactics. Just a sense I get from watching from the outside.
  2. ploughboy

    Stress level

    Worst year of my life.
  3. ploughboy

    Stress level

    Yikes. I'm curious. What part of the early 20th century is your hospital located in?
  4. ploughboy

    Bank of Canada Rises Rates - again!

    Ya, the one bright side of all of this will be a reduction in the number of "should I put my LOC into bitcoin and weed stocks" posts.
  5. ploughboy

    Paramedic during Pre-Med?

    Where are you? Isn't PCP a 2-year full-time college program?
  6. I stand corrected. Never mind, then.
  7. Also check the timing of the matches. Does the US match still run first? That will cause a lot of applicants to be withdrawn from CaRMS, assuming they participated in both matches (which is the strategically smart thing to do).
  8. ploughboy

    CMPA fees by specialty

    Type of Work Code 78.
  9. ploughboy

    Looking at ROS/Incentive Options

    Oh, and never sign a contract without talking to a lawyer.
  10. ploughboy

    Looking at ROS/Incentive Options

    I know I've said this before, but a good resource is the Practice Management Seminars offered by MD Management. They talk about things like contracts, negotiating agreements, recruitment incentives, setting up practice, etc. At least, when I finished it was offered by MDM. It looks like it's being offered by the CMA directly now... https://joule.cma.ca/en/learn/practice-management-curriculum.html Snooping a little bit, it looks like they're going to be giving one to the Mac PGY-2s next Wednesday, and again on the 18th of December. Even though you're PGY-1, you've got a lot of things to consider, and it might be worth your while seeing if you can sneak into one of them this year.
  11. ploughboy

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    I suggest you shadow a few internists ASAP.
  12. Large part of the content is also in the CMAJ Bioethics series from a few years back.
  13. ploughboy

    OHIP Billing

    What's the difference? $43.50 That and you have to spend 50 minutes with the patient, and provide all the elements of a consultation, to bill an A005. http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/ohip/sob/physserv/sob_master11062015.pdf