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  1. Given that there's a trend towards less basic sciences in med school, I'm wondering if problems that this could cause would be further exacerbated by greater enrollment from students of non-science backgrounds (e.g. music, arts, etc), which has also been greater in recent years
  2. That would be amazing! I also have a feeling that it won't move much, especially this year since they're introducing the new curriculum...no long lecture hours to scare people away
  3. I know someone that was waitlisted last year and was accepted this year, so I would guess that it doesn't matter much
  4. Hey all, I was OOP waitlisted, as were a number of other OOPs that I know. I haven't yet heard of anyone in our category that was flat out rejected...could it be possible that all of us were waitlisted? I mean it wouldn't be thaat far-fetched considering there were only 50 or so of us... Would really suck though if everyone was waitlisted...means pretty much nothing then...
  5. Hey guys, Was just wondering about the McGill MMI...whether their style is any different say than the MMI carried out at McMaster for example Thanks!
  6. I was wondering the same actually, would anyone have any insight on this matter? I've been trying to get ahold of these schools' admissions offices but it's been so hard
  7. Anyone know anything about the prospects of undergrads with 3.85-3.9 (weighted)?
  8. Haha, worry about these things after getting an interview
  9. do many roofing companies hire without prior experience though?
  10. All med school application boosting aspects aside, what summer job pays the most...I was thinking landscaping or construction or something? I was looking to make as much money as possible this summer and was wondering how to do so... Other than starting your own business...also not selling drugs or becoming a prostitute or other like things...
  11. So true, just do stuff and be committed to it, don't matter what it is really
  12. TLS is great, worth every penny imo At U of T for large arts & science courses (so mostly 100s, 200s and bigger 300s), the class average is expected by the administration to be around a C...if it reaches the B level then that prof is "flagged", such that in future offerings of the course the average better be where it should be...or else **the same is supposed to happen if the average is too low, but it seems they mostly care if it's too high haha If the class average going into the final is high you should EXPECT THE FINAL TO BE HARDER and prepare accordingly...an easy midterm has tricked many a student into loafting into a final
  13. ^ he's right, just go for it and try not to second guess yourself
  14. haha, "residents" and "physicians over 80"......I know you're probably joking, but, whatevs
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