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  1. Thought I would contribute since I was checking this thread feverishly! I had 1 reference left outstanding, it was sent approx. Sept 23rd and was finally marked received this afternoon! Now my question is, since it was "received" today but is definitely postmarked for Sept 23rd, do you guys think I need to do anything extra to ensure that it's considered for U of T ?
  2. TIME STAMP: 7:19 EST (so 4:19 local) Result: Reject GPA: 86.9 MCAT: 11/11/11 ECs: too sad to list right now Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Year: 3rd year Undergrad Geography: IP NAQ (For those with regrets): 22.78 AQ (For those with regrets): 27.52 TFR: 50.30 I guess my hopes were too high... kind of surprised at the NAQ but I guess I wasn't really sure how my ECs would stack up. On another note, I've heard that you are able to look back on your application and see which activities were verified or not, does anyone know when that will be up? I can't find it as of yet. edit: and I thought I had made it through the first wave too, but spoke 10 minutes too soon!
  3. Thanks for all the responses everyone! That's definitely along the lines of what I was thinking would be right, but all the countless university visit reps have kept talking about "taking the AP credit" and stuff, and some schools like McGill don't even give you the option of choosing, they just make you take the credit, which I'm glad I learned about instead of going there and being screwed over!
  4. I wanted to know if it's better to take the first year credit for an AP course, or if it's better to actually do the course? I'm taking AP Calculus and AP Chemistry this year, and basically I don't know if it'll be a good idea to take the credit.. I was wondering how med schools would look at that because I know most schools only say they gave you a credit so you don't really get a mark for it. Also, if someone could speak from personal experience about this, I was wondering if it would be easier to get a good mark in the university class having done the AP class, so maybe it could be a grade booster? The school I'm almost certain about going to is Western so the last question would be geared more toward people from that school I suppose
  5. Thanks for the info guys, but I'm a little confused about the whole resident thing. This might sound like a stupid question, but would going to UWO for undergrad make me a BC and Ontario resident? Or would it , in some way, bypass my BC residency and make me just an Ontario resident? My plan of sorts is, going to UWO for undergrad and UBC for med school and I just want to try and maximize my chances.
  6. I currently live in BC, and I was wondering if going to Ontario for my undergrad, most likely UWO, would still have me being a BC resident so that when I apply for med school UBC would consider me as an in-province applicant. Is that how it works? Or would going to Ontario for my undergrad make me an Ontario resident meaning that UBC would now consider me as an out of province applicant? As well, I have lived in BC since I was born.
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