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  1. Just wondering what the prospects are in Toronto. In the early part of residency in another major city and want to come back. What are your thoughts?
  2. Those numbers are correct. 222 unmatched after first round. U of T had 10% of their class go unmatched, 26 students.
  3. If you win a Rhodes, Marshall or Commonwealth scholarship, ALL schools will give you a deferment.They love to boast that they have a so ans so scholar in their Faculty.
  4. If you can get into it, go for it. There are a bunch of artsci's in first year meds at u of t this year. Every year a whole bunch get in. Caveat: only go into the program if you write really well, you will be doing a lot of it. It is a fantastic program , with a great community. Electives are not an issue. You will be able to get them all done.
  5. Do all students receive it even if you don't get osap or have a LOC?.
  6. And 6 of those are from the arts and science program
  7. What about Mac's ArtsSci program! We have a ton of students applying-and getting into med school every year. Just as elite as the Health Sci program but different.
  8. If you receive a Rhodes Scholarship or a Fullbright, every med school in NA will grant you a full deferral until the scholarship is completed.
  9. I want to know what my realistic chances for an interview are at Harvard: Mcat: 35S-their avg is 36 CGPA: 4.0 BCPM: 4.0 All of these marks are converted to AAMCAS Three summers of research- 1 publication Tons of EC's-very diverse-won a uni scholarship for them in third year anyone who has applied have an idea? thanks!
  10. Wrote MCAT after second year. didn't take physics until third year-just had HS. did just fine. If you prepare properly, it is totally doable after second year. i wrote it in the beginning of July;had calc, bio, 2 second year bio's, chem and both parts of orgo.Study smart, you will be Ok.
  11. McMaster doesn't recognize the orgo from Ryerson last time I checked, be careful.
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