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  1. Honestly when I was a medical student I was slightly uncomfortable going home whenever I wasn't explicitly told I could, so I'm hyperaware of it now and try to tell all my med students to go home as early as I can, because I've been there and I know how it is. So I genuinely mean it when I tell you you can go home.
  2. Oh man, my off service PGY1 year was great. No expectations, no studying, just showing up and going home. I felt like I had tons of time!
  3. You're fine, you're being given the credits for completion of the course, the only difference is that it does not count in your r-score. I had my elective courses credited because I had done high level music lessons in high school and it didn't affect my application at all!
  4. My mom's a nurse and she gave me a hand me down Classic II for medical school and I didn't feel like I had any disadvantage... Granted I never cared much for cardiology/internal so I didn't need to use it much during non-core clerkship!
  5. I met plenty of residents during Medical School at McGill who didn't know a word of French, you'll be fine!
  6. I wonder if we had the same teacher, she loved me for some reason but despised everyone else so I took her for all my semesters and got 40-42 R scores all around... good times.
  7. It takes a really long time and lots of paperwork. I would try to do it ASAP so you don't miss the deadline, it takes weeks to process if I remember correctly
  8. Maybe a glitch in the system? Back when I applied ages ago I had to submit reference letters but they since got rid of it.
  9. Tous égaux, même éducation physique! Essaie de ne pas te casser la tête à tenter de deviner la côte que tu avoir parce que comme on l'a déjà mentionné plus haut, plusieurs facteurs sont hors de ton contrôle. Une note de 86% en philo m'avait donné une côté de 40.2 à l'époque tandis qu'un 95% en educ me donnait 33. Fais de te mieux des le début, et tu verras avec la cote de ta première session si tu dois mettre encore plus d'efforts. Pour moi, la deuxième session était ma meilleure! Il faut identifier nos faiblesses et les rectifier.
  10. When i did them, they were conducted simultaneously/in parallel i. e. I did mine in English and was paired with a candidate doing his in French and we went though the circuit together (different rooms but same hallway type thing) and had rest stations at the same time etc.
  11. To be completely honest I didn't ask a lot of questions about the license because I'm the oddball that doesn't have s car during residency. In fact, the only time I do drive is when i go home to Montreal and borrow my dads car... maybe someone else can help you in this case. I know that other people have said that to get your license exchanged you physically have to go in person to the Driver Center during the day so you pretty much have to go post call or take a morning off. Too much hassle for something I don't use!
  12. No! You get private group insurance as a resident, it's great! I don't have to pay anything at all for my monthly OCP. I'm also going to have my Ottawa pharmacy fax my Montreal GP for the next renewal as well, they told me it wouldn't be a problem! In my case, I called the RAMQ and was allowed to keep my RAMQ and Quebec drivers license because I intend to go back after residency and because I go back home every two weeks or so (I'm just too lazy to do the paperwork to switch over lol). My situation is also slightly different because some ottawa hospitals straight up accept RAMQ cards (presumably due to proximity with Gatineau). My family and I rented a U-Haul and moved everything ourselves. We had two other cars and were 8 people altogether! The only big pieces I had to bring over were my bed and desk though. Went to ikea after with the truck and bought all the rest.
  13. I get my Montreal GP's Rx filled at my Ottawa Shoppers Drug Mart currently with no issues but yes there is a program by PARO to help residents get GPs. Haven't used it, but you're just supposed to email them.
  14. Also the 2016 match was very abnormally uncompetitive for Rads within CMGs, so that's why the numbers look wonky. Not that I complained
  15. Also share your schedules. Not to keep tabs on each other or anything, but just so the other person knows when you're unavailable. For example my bf has my call schedule so he knows when I need to be sleeping and to not disturb me. He knows that if he doesn't hear from me for a bit is cause I'm doing 1 in 2 call, etc. Be transparent. Let each other know when you've had a bad day.
  16. It's definitely hard, especially if the other person is not in the medical field. We make it a point to call each other every day beforehand bed even if it's just to say good night. But I definitely struggle a lot especially when he's telling me about his day and going out with all his friends while all I did was sleep all day post call and eat instant noodles lol. But you have to remind yourself that med school (in my case residency) will end. And that yes there is more effort involved but it is worth it if it's the right partner. Compromise is more important than ever. Learn not to overthink and let things that don't matter go, or else you'll be fighting a lot and getting frustrated. Also try not to overload the time you do have together. Don't schedule things everyday. Take some time to relax and enjoy each other's company.
  17. I applied to 7 schools and got 6 interviews. It's also usually a given to get an interview at your home school. In terms of how many interviews people go to; usually all! You should really go to as many as you can. You can always not rank programs but you can't go back and interview!
  18. Nobody knows for sure... But I matched to Ottawa and I didn't do an undergrad (coming from the Quebec system) so I can't imagine it is that important. I think you should definitely apply anyways and try your best.
  19. I just put radiology. Everyone will know what you mean don't stress too much on the details. If it makes you super anxious jut mention it as diagnostic radiology the first time it comes up in your text and then radiology for the rest. Good career choice
  20. CaRMS has a (expensive) professional translation service. My suggestion would be to ask them to submit one letter in their most fluent language and have CaRMS translate it so that they can spend more time working on a quality letter.
  21. I graduated from cegep a while ago now but I seem to recall that the average used for the R score calculation is the average of all the classes that the same teacher teaches. So if your teacher has the same course on a different day their grades will affect the overall average.
  22. Hands down that if I were eligible I'd do it right away. That being said, I wear contacts for my 24h call and do take them off and on when sleeping/napping but I'm so used to them that it doesn't take me long (and no need for a mirror because I'm so myopic I wouldn't even see myself anyways). My glasses are just giant bottle caps and I hate hate hate them lol.
  23. Good of you to think of them and good of them to be so accessible Don't have anything useful to add to the thread but wanted to tip my hat off to you.
  24. CaRMS offers an official translation service (for a fee of course...). There's no other way to do it, unless your preceptor is willing to write two... I did an elective at Universite de Montreal so one of mine was in French!
  25. The sentence doesn't imply that, they just say they are accepting people who have and people who haven't done it, and that the results will not be taken into consideration for this application cycle.
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