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  1. How are his opinions any skin off your nose? All you need from the course is a good mark.
  2. Do you guys have dummies to practice on? Grinding out an hour or so on your own time could be helpful. Also, "I am garbage" isn't a healthy attitude, particularly for a procedure. A confident approach to a procedure is the first step to success! (Wasn't there a Scrubs episode about this?)
  3. Good luck to the future 2020s! Saying that made me feel as old as Hippocrates.
  4. It will not affect you. B2YGPA and MCAT are all that matter to get a UWO interview.
  5. Chill out and come to Western guys...3.7 hard cutoff, best two years! It's like we don't give a single damn about your GPA
  6. Interview is closed file - all they know is that you're good at school.
  7. Western doesn't give a damn about your ECs - we do objective criteria for interview invites, and subjective criteria for admissions post-interview.
  8. He's not wrong, sorry guys. There are definitely people leaving the group because they've picked other schools though, so don't lose hope! We dipped into our normal waitlist for my year, meaning we went through the entire high waitlist and then some.
  9. You don't have to do anything, but you have to do something.
  10. Hey jmatt I'll let you onto the 19 FB group if you photocopy me all the notes
  11. Nope! I manage to run into something that makes me feel like a moron every day in medical school
  12. And I spent so long writing that letter to you guys... *sniff sniff*
  13. Bugger off jmatt, no stalking frosh! Bad! Also, you got your dates wrong, O-week starts in August. Yet another reason you weren't selected (aside from the fact that you didn't apply!)
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