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  1. First aid is not part of the medical school curriculum as far as I remember. You will learn things that will obviously help in medical emergencies, but it is not geared towards first responder care in the field. I definitely think that it would be helpful (although not required), especially if you have an interest in it. Hope that helps
  2. The White Coat ceremony for the Class of 2018 will be held October 13, 2015. Mark your calendars!!
  3. Stubble wouldn't influence (my) decision on interviews, as long as the overall presentation of the candidate is professional! It's not about suiting up and being clean shaven etc for a magazine photo shoot, but making it obvious that you care to put yourself together for what one would expect to be an important interview in life. Anecdotally when I interviewed there was someone who clearly stood out in their dress (think bright knit sweater), but they got in just the same
  4. Congrats, class of 2014! It's neat how the very last day of med school for the class of 2011 is the day of acceptance for the 2014's - guess they don't have room for the all of us! Good luck to all those who are waitlisted!
  5. Maybe you can ask your doc for a HbsAb blood test to see if you are immune. If you are, then you might be ok to work until your 6 month booster. /deliberately vague - you should ask your real live doctor or occupational health dept for medical advice!
  6. The university's financial office does the cheque-cashing, so no worries... I'm sure they just do it in piles based on when they were received. I doubt they sort through it for conditional acceptances - they can just as easily refund it later if the need arises!
  7. Actually, the PA and MD students do attend some of the same LGS sessions! You will also see them on the wards during clerkship too. I agree that they have all been very friendly!
  8. To clear things up, a few years ago, the Med class voted to remove MD students from the mcmaster student union - so we don't pay the MSU dues, but we also don't get a bus pass (the MD validation sticker is different from the "regular" undergrad or grad student stickers). I'm not sure if you can purchase a bus pass add-on, but I don't believe that you can. Hope that bad news is of some clarification!
  9. Thanks for your reply, oldnewbie. I apologize for being rather short in my last message. I understand that applying to medicine is a stressful event, but I think that Avalanche is quite correct in his/her reply. Furthermore, I encourage you to take a look at the research available on the MMI - it is a well researched interview model that is much more likely to allow suitable students into the program. In fact, it is now being used in other markets for interviewing as well (i.e. outside the medical profession), and I think there is success in that area as well. To be more specific, none of the information asked on the MMI requires particular medical knowledge, so whether or not one has done any medicine at all has no bearing on the outcome. Most interviewers can smell BS, community members look for people who they would like as physicians in the future, first year med students look for others who would be good to work with in tutorials, clerks can look for people who handle stress well, staff can look for students who seem to be intellectual competent, etcetcetc. Of course, that's a very narrow generalized example. Finally, yes, there is mandatory training for all the interviewers - the details of which I cannot discuss, of course - but it certainly covers conflicts of interest. I think you will find that frequently in medical education, you just have to trust the system. It might not feel like it's working, or seem like it could possibly work, but it almost always does. Good luck!
  10. Sorry you feel that way, but if you are referring to me, then perhaps you would feel better that I'm not in first year? Regardless, it's too bad that you don't have more respect for your (possible) future peers. Sure hope your assumption that current first year students are "one year ahead of" you pans out. PS Feel free to pick another medical school, oldnewbie, if you feel Mac is so unprofessional.
  11. Just to clarify, there is no "replacement" or stepping out on the part of interviewers - that would indeed be very confusing. However, there ARE procedures for when there are situations like this in place, but the interviewee doesn't need to do anything further Just relax - you've done all you can now!
  12. A regular check can be ordered, but a "vulnerable sector screening" criminal check requires an organization registered with the police department to authorize it before it is done. That's why getting a med school police check is a huge hassle... that said, you would probably be ok as far as the underage drinking charge goes.
  13. I recall hearing something like that, but you'd best check in with the student accounts and cashiers office just to make sure.
  14. Might be worth your while to pay off the full amount after applying for a medical student line of credit from banks - you get prime (NOT plus 1! Go elsewhere if they force that on you), so you end up saving money in the long term. The university's interest rate is definitely higher than prime.
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