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  1. Don't get me wrong, I know good physicians. There are lots. But the percentage of socially incompetent, unprofessional, vindictive, self interested or just downright assholes in the profession is surprisingly high. Much higher than in most other professions I have worked in/with. And, unfortunately, many of those people seem to be the ones who seek out authority positions.
  2. Nobody is saying don't seek out mental health services. We are all saying be careful who you talk to and what you disclose to people in authority, whether they come from a university/hospital/college. The standards for confidentiality differ depending on the situation. If you disclose to your family doc you have a history of depression, then there is a well established standard of confidentiality. But if disclose to the university for example, then that standard is different (and may not exist at all). On top of that, just because your university/hospital/college might not broadcast to others that you have a history of x, y or z illness (or anything really) it doesn't mean that they will not put limitations or specific stipulations in your educational or occupational experience. I've seen it happen multiple times, and in most circumstances, the university or hospital was likely in the wrong. The physician or resident ended up in months to years of meetings/complaints/litigation before the university or hospital backed down. It's far far far far far safer for your personal well being and your career to be extremely guarded in anything you voluntarily disclose and to act to protect yourself. The other thing to remember is while you can say that it's illegal to disclose information, it's a vastly different thing to PROVE that the disclosure occured. And proof of disclosure occurring is what is needed in a court of law. Like a lawyer I know says: "knowing something happened and proving something happened are very different things".
  3. Well, don't move to a rural area because telemedicine is a necessary evil.
  4. Physicians are literally some of the worst people I know. We treat each other worse than any other profession or group. It's so bad I am frequently ashamed to be part of the profession.
  5. I agree with the above: 1. Get disability and life insurance as early as possible. Talk to a good insurance agent (OMA or whoever) and make sure you have every rider avaliable plus the ability to increase coverage in the future without a medical. 2. DO NOT TRUST YOUR UNIVERSITY or HOSPITAL. Do not disclose anything to them regarding your health unless legally required to do so. Ditto the college of physicians. If you think you must disclose, I would honestly seek legal advice prior to making any disclosure. If you need mental healthcare or sensitive physical healthcare, get it done outside of the university system (or your hospital) if at all possible. Never, ever believe anyone associated with your university or hospital when they say things are confidential because they aren't. Your university and/or hospital will have no hesitation to screw you over at the drop of a hat if they think there is the tiniest advantage to doing so.
  6. That would be my worry too. If they brought back a rotating internship and a GP license, this plan would make a lot more sense. Plus fix a ton of issues with CaRMS. But, alas, it will never happen.
  7. NLengr

    Dermatology as IMG

    Like winning 649, it's possible, but not very probable.
  8. What's the logic behind this? Has anyone heard it officially? Is it a case of trying to increase the match rate (since the match is getting tighter)? Is it to try to diversify education (which is a very stupid way to do it imo)?
  9. This profession is nothing if not full of idiots and bullies. Fuck em, although I expect the people from your middle school years have probably matured a bit since then.
  10. NLengr

    Preparing meals in med school

    My hospital is pushing to add a "burnout review" to our annual evaluations. I expect it will be 100% bullshit with the hospital blaming physicians for any "burnout" identified and using those results vindictivly against us. I have zero confidence it will be helpful in any way shape or form and can only be hurtful. I can't wait for some non physician administration moron to lecture me about how to be a surgeon.
  11. Oh I agree. My program has a clerk not show up at all for a 2 week rotation and it still was impossible to fail them.
  12. Honest to God, what kind of douchebag blowhard academic physician fails a visiting clerk on their first rotation? Unless you walked in on them stabbing a patient to death, just give the kid a 5/10 (or some middle of the road grade) and a couple comments on areas to improve.
  13. NLengr

    Preparing meals in med school

    Agreed. If they actually cared they could simply stop treating residents like indentured servants.
  14. It's a fine line between being known to the program and being annoying to the program.
  15. NLengr

    Preparing meals in med school

    They were incredibly demeaning and a waste of precious time. The self care lectures are just done to check a box and pretend the university and hospital care about residents. When the royal college or accreditation Canada or whoever comes by every few years they say "oh yeah, we deeply care about burnout and overwork. We provide teaching about it". But the university/hospital never really takes any resl action on their end to help residents.