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  1. Biggest question: do you want to do surgery (like open surgery) or do you just want to do smaller procedures (no IR guy is gonna be opening a belly). Conversely, would you be happy doing basic radiology a few days a week? Vascular surgery where I trained did all the endovascular grafts without any radiologists. Ballooning and stents were done by IR. I think it's still pretty center dependent but every surgical specialty has learned from cardiac survey's mistakes. Nobody will be giving up new technology to non surgical specialties without a fight.
  2. NLengr

    Doctor has sexual relations with patient

    I agree. I'm flabbergasted on a regular basis with the lack of understanding the general public has with respect to our legal system. Or how quick most people are to want to throw it out the window.
  3. St John's is an amazing city if you don't mind being in a place that's smaller.
  4. I was also well above 150k by the end of residency and fellowship. Two kids and moving halfway across the country didn't help. My spouse didn't work because she is a teacher and breaking into teaching where we were was insane. She did a master's instead (more $$$$) till the kids were born. Then she was home with the kids.
  5. I agree with this.
  6. When I was a resident (starting 7 years ago now...Jesus....) the drop out rate was highly variable. It depended on the program. My program hasn't had someone drop out since the mid 2000s I believe (maybe even earlier than that). Another program at my center routinely lost about 50% of it's residents.
  7. NLengr

    Keeping busy until Match day

    Cant have the fragile academic staff having to write a note, see their own patients or god forbid visit the ER.....
  8. NLengr

    Keeping busy until Match day

    I prefer neat aged rum. Get yourself a bottle of El Dorado 21 year old. Only 110 bucks or so and it's the nectar of the gods. As a bonus you can make jokes like "This is the finest 21 year old I've ever had..." and get angry looks/eye rolls from the wife.
  9. NLengr

    Keeping busy until Match day

    I also gave her the day after off to recover from the hangover.
  10. The issue I see about replacing the first year with a rotating internship, at least in my experience, is that in my residency that would end up adding an extra year unless the RC does a major revamp of the way the programs in my specialty need to be structured. The first year is basically all surgical experience and is required (except for a few electives). It could be done I suppose but the RC would have to revamp a ton of requirements.
  11. NLengr

    Keeping busy until Match day

    I spent time this morning doing USMLE psych questions (LMCC prep) with the med student on my service right now while we waited for my cases to start (I'm surgical staff at a community hospital). I guess thats how she is passing her time. I told her I'll give her a poor eval if she shows up on match day.
  12. It is literally impossible to overestimate the stupidity of the government.
  13. I'm sure she will. As a resident, I saw the university/program unfairly screw over more than a few students for very sketchy reasons (personal feelings, gossip from other residents, persecution for health issues etc). I have zero faith in the medical establishment doing the right thing when it comes to trainees. Not only is it a university involved, which tends to be full of bureaucratic morons, it's physicians (particularly academic ones) who are prone to being self serving, narcissistic, assholes.
  14. If you want real rural medical education, then Southern Ontario isn't a great choice anyway. Everything is so close to major centers that it's not really rural by any means. Even the "small" towns are quite big by the standards of other provinces. MUN also has an excellent reputation for providing true rural training.
  15. I was mostly joking. I'm sure derm people love derm. It's a sweet set up. More power to them if you can tolerate the work.
  16. You don't go into derm because you love rashes or skin disease. You go into derm because you love printing money. More people = less money
  17. How much you do in the community depends on where you are too. I'm 4 hours from the closest tertiary center. Catchment is about 100k. Huge geographic area. I do cases that would never be done in most Ontario community practices because they would be referred to the academic center which is close by. When I was a resident and a fellow the community guys close to our center literally did nothing beyond the most simple cases.
  18. Don't feel that way at all. Every type of surgery has routine stuff they do all the time. The key is to find the area where you enjoy the routine cases. Even big surgery becomes routine after a while because you do it so many times. Truth be told, if it's not routine you probably aren't doing enough of that type of case to be offering it.
  19. Surgery is amazing. At least my specialty is. Problems are well defined and when I go to work I know I am going to be fixing problems. The hours suck in residency, especially in gen surg, but improve a ton once you are staff. For example, I rarely start before 8 am now. I can usually get home by 5. Sometimes earlier.
  20. NLengr

    Dating Profiles

    I usually emphasise that I'm a surgeon and put at least one full line of dollar signs. /$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  21. That's why the staff there have their slaves (oh, sorry, I mean residents or fellows). Let's them avoid a lot of the unpleasantness of working there. It also let's then avoid many aspects of patient care and clinical practice if they want to. I'm a rural surgeon at a small regional referral hospital hours and hours away from the tertiary care center in my area. My job is great.
  22. NLengr

    ADHD in top 10

    I agree. Never ever disclose any medical illness to a med school unless absolutely necessary. I have only seen people hurt by disclosures. Never ever helped.
  23. I deducted kms driven while on call (if I drove in to see a consult) as well as km's driven between hospital sites if I had to go from one hospital to the other.
  24. The split is probably different at each center. Where I trained, there was never any IR doctors in the OR. If help was needed, it was second vascular surgeon who had more endovascular experience. I imagine a large part of it is how comfortable vascular surgeons are at endovascular techniques. The older ones wouldn't have had any training in it as a resident or fellow, so they probably are more likely to want to have someone with experience around (another surgeon or someone from IR). Younger vascular surgeons are probably much less likely to have another surgeon or IR in the room.
  25. Vascular surgery seems to have kept endovascular grafts inside its own specialty. Most surgical apecialties have learned their lesson from Cardiac surgery and won't ignore new technologies. Most IR vascular procedures seem to be smaller stuff (ballooning, stenting etc). Vascular is also honest to goodness surgery. You still do a ton of open surgery.