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  1. I think negativity towards FM residents is very center specific. I went to UWO for med school and encountered tons of negativity. I even misled some classmates about what my career intentions were due to the anti-FM bias. As a fam resident in Calgary, I haven't experienced the same bias at all. It is interesting to note U of C has a higher proportion of grads end up in family. I think FM docs get paid quite well, but only once their med school debts are paid off. $10-12k/month (pretax) is realisitic. That's not bad at all! Unless you're you're like me, went to med school in Ontario, and looking at $3000-$4000 in monthly debt payments (for a few years) after tax. Then Urban FM simply doesn't cut it. Fortunately, if you're willing, there are a few opportunities up north to make more to pay off debts than come back south. One thing that is truly scary in terms of family med renumeration is that in a center like Calgary, there are tons of non-family medicine opportunities (ie hospitalist, hospice care, nursing home care, OR assist, urgent care, resident extender - ie pretend you're a resident and get paid $75-$125/hr) and they ALL (essentially) PAY BETTER THAN RUNNING YOUR OWN FAMILY PRACTICE CLINIC. It's kind of scary, actually. I know tons of residents graduating from the CCFP program with zero intention of practicing traditional family medicine.
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    Ice Hockey Intramurals?

    Hey Timmymax, At least that's not the guy with the website where he offers to 'induce a potential laparotomy' by foreign body for $29.95. One of the PGY-5s did a review of his charts for his 2nd year gen surg research project a few years ago - it was quite amusing.