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  1. i was working in a major canadian city. dont care if you believe me or not. i can show you my billing submissions privately if you like. For the month of August with 6 days off in total I billed 62k+ from all sources. Many of my days were 13 hour minimums, lots of 24-36 hour periods. Not sustainable long term.
  2. lots of acuiety..chfes, copdes, palliative pts, pna, sepsis etc
  3. made a lot..pretty much making more than what i did in a whole year of residency in 4 weeks ... worked a lot tho
  4. I'm a new FM hospitalist at a major tertiary care centre in a major Canadian city. Feel free to ask me questions. Did not do a +1.
  5. The opportunity to make money is there but you will be working a lot. One of my preceptors was making over a million....long hours...like really long hours. like 16-17 hours of clinic work...plus emerg, hospitalist, deliveries, surg assist...being on call a lot...plus private stuff. I'll be starting practice in July working both in a major city, and a rural community. I hope to update the forum on what my work is like, and be honest with how much I am actually making...since this is never talked about.
  6. If an MD went back and got their DDS, is there any possibility of getting into OMFS? How would that work?
  7. Yeah not alot of people are doing it. i could see it being hard/really not interesting for someone that doesnt really have an interest in law or litigation.
  8. A family member does this. Runs a consult clinic a couple times a month, the rest is doing medicolegal work. Lets just say their garage is amazing.
  9. I'll be leaving the province for FM residency, hoping to get some new exposure. Ideally I'd like to return to Ontario. Any tips, issues, insight, etc?
  10. sounds like my family member that did cards, trained for 10-12 years...2 fellowships.
  11. im having the exact some problem. both on chrome and safari, any luck yet?
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