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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to Suite_in_Kits in Vancouver- Luxury 1 Bedroom In Heart Of Kitsilano, Blocks From Beach   
    A short walk to Kitsilano Beach, 4th avenue shops/ restaurants, Granville Island, with easy access to downtown or UBC via express transit- the Maple and West 2nd Ave
    location is great for most anyone. The space is clean with details considered: heated flooring, 500+ thread count cotton sheets, duvet, lots of storage space, locked bedroom door, kitchenette (with fridge, Breville toaster oven, kettle, coffee and tea. Sink in bathroom to use), soaps and salts for a relaxing bath, in a beautiful comfortable contemporary setting. Murphy bed folds up and converts to a desk/ table for eating or working. You even have your own private patio outside. 260 square feet living space, not including the outdoor patio:).
    Guest access
    You have your own private entrance to the unit via code lock (therefore can check in at anytime).
    I am a staff physician at BC Children's and live in my own unit close by.
    Please enquire for rates, depending on dates and length of stay.  Usually around $600/ week.

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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to Birdy in What's On Your Mind?   
    We really do. Finding care for kids under 18mos is nigh impossible and under 2 is very hard. I've known people who've had to delay their return to work because they couldn't find a space by the end of their 1 year maternity leave, despite having put their child on waitlists while still in utero. 
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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to rmorelan in What's On Your Mind?   
    trouble is if it isn't ridiculous then people would be late all the time. Even a dollar per minute - or 60 an hour - they aren't aren't really coming out that far ahead (probably base pay plus some form of overtime, blah, blah). 
    we really do need a better national system for day care. 
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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to rmorelan in Toronto Neurosurgeon Charged With Murder Of Wife   
    very small actually! there are times as moderators we have had to step in to protect posters from as we feel it damaging themselves. 
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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to ploughboy in Toronto Neurosurgeon Charged With Murder Of Wife   
    Just to re-emphasize:  The Canadian medical community is pretty small.  Think before you post.
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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to Dermviser in Electives Housing   
    On our away electives... where does one go for accomodations?
    If I have an away scheduled for Toronto and Vancouver it's expensive as ****. Where does one go for the month long or two week long away?
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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to xmimio in Accepted And Have Questions   
    Hello! Awesome thread - just wondering if there are any particular listings/groups/websites that people use to find apartments/condos? -Thanks!
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    MEDSHOUSING reacted to maricota in Queen's - Older Applicant, With Phd And Low Gpa. Any Thoughts? ;)   
    Hello fellows,   I am interested in applying for medical school, however I'm wondering I would have a chance applying for medSchool @ Queen's university - even considering the "special admission" criteria for mature students with a graduate degree (PhD).   I will summarize my background, so you can have a better idea of my profile. 30 years old; permanent resident; Finishing this month my PhD in Biomedical Engineering (studying applications of optical techniques into the characterization of atherosclerotic plaque development); B.Sc. in Medical Physics (from a very good international university - however, outside of north america); Masters degree (also from this international university). Several internships done (most of them as a volunteer) in hospitals; Experience in Radiotherapy (treatment planning, patient interviews, etc), Nuclear Medicine, Radio-diagnostics (X-ray, MRI, etc), quality control of imaging equipments, and general patient care - during such therapies; Undergrad Research project funded by a National Council for Scientific and Technological Development to study the effects of ionizing radiation in biological systems; Masters' GPA was maximum (took 5 courses, getting A+ in all of them). Master's project also funded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development; PhD's GPA is 4.0; Got several prestigious awards during my PhD (at international conferences, university, etc); Undergrad GPA: 7.1 (scale 1-10, where 5 was the minimum needed to pass a course); My undergrad GPA was the 4th best of my class (with a prize awarded). Currently, I hold a postdoctoral position and up to date I have 10 peer-reviewed published papers, 18 peer-reviewed abstracts, and several awards (based on research and academic merit). 
    So, based on my "profile" I just would like to have a real idea about  my possibilities there. I think my undergrad GPA is low for the Canadian standards, but what I have seeing is that unfortunately my former university has a different grade system; also, apparently making it "harder" to achieve the required >3.8++ GPA required for most medical schools in North America. I'm wondering if by having an already successful research-related career and by achieving high MCAT marks I would have a chance even considering my low undergrad GPA.   Since I started my post secondary studies, I have been looking for a medical career. However, I am also very interested in research. In my opinion, after all these years of study, and by having a broad academic background I will be able to become a successful physician scientist. Due to all changes and challenges that happened in my life, I am finally able to continue my journey towards getting into medical school. And to do so,  I would like to get some advice about which way would be the best way to proceed. 
    Thank you very much for your attention. I am looking forward to hear back from you. I apologize for the long post.    
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