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  1. buckley_s

    matching to Psych

    thank you all for your responses
  2. buckley_s

    matching to Psych

    anyone know how difficult it is to match to psych at UofT, UBC and mac specifically?
  3. buckley_s


    I'm also interested in doing my residency in neurology and I'm wondering how competitive it it. What are some of the things you would recommend? is being involved with research considered a necessity?
  4. buckley_s


    I did look in to LOC, but it was mainly through banks' websites which indicated that for the most part they would need a co-signor :S
  5. buckley_s


    I'm wondering how students who haven't been able to get bank loans/ line of credit have been able to adequately finance their med school expenses. My OSAP estimate is around 21K which barely covers the tuition, and I don't have anyone that I know of who would be willing to co-sign/ sponsor me for a bank loan. I understand that mac has bursaries but approximately how much money is given to students? Also, what other suggestions would people have for someone in my situation?
  6. buckley_s

    Question about interviews

    k, thanks everyone for your responses, I guess the catastrophizing can somewhat stop now.
  7. Hi, So I interviewed at Mac and I can't stop but think about one of the stations where the interviewer wrote some comments on a yellow sticky note. I keep wondering what that might have meant, was that a way of "flagging" me? does it mean I'd said/ done something negative? I'm worried because this station felt like my worst station and I didn't notice interviewers commenting on yellow sticky notes in any of my other stations