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  1. Absolutely. Took me a while to see this, but if you do not absolutely love a specialty and aren't willing to sacrifice personal life/5 years of your prime years/security in where you want to live, I would suggest FM if you do not mind the work. Just working with new specialty grads/fellows, I've gained a lot of insight and many are jaded and regretting their choices because they do not absolutely love what they do and are now stuck in a province that they didn't plan on working in due to the job market, with friends and family away. Depressing really. Swayed my decision from pursuing a competitive specialty towards FM. Yes the money is amazing in some specialties and is higher than FM, but how much do you really need to make you happy? Money can buy nice things, but it can't buy you time. After all, who do you want beside you on your deathbed - friends and family or a nice rolex?
  2. Hey, I read your post of the GI fellow that you followed doing his second fellowship and being concerned about employment. 

    Did he actually say his job prospects are that bad? Just wanted to get more info on it, I'm very interested in GI.... but this sounds awful...

  3. The job market for Cardio, GI, and nephro is extremely tight from what I've heard shadowing fellows and R5s in those respective specialties. For instance, I recently shadowed a GI fellow who was going into his 2nd fellowship of ERCP (3 year core IM + 2 year GI + 2 years fellowship) on top of pursuing a couple of research projects - all in the hopes of being able to find a job next year with no guarentee. He basically told me if he was to start over, he'd steer far away from this field since job prospects are bleak and he's stuck in limbo watching all of his colleagues who've been in practice for a couple of years, and he's got a family of four. Kind of sad to hear, but it's real insight that isn't taught in classes or on the wards.
  4. My question is: what if you don't want to practice GIM, and go unmatched into your preferred subspecialty?
  5. Why's that? Isn't the deadline to confirm acceptance on May 27th? I would imagine they would have the first round ~May 30th.
  6. Haha I'm definitely in the same boat. Good luck to all waitlisters, and hopefully there's a lot of movement (I know 3 friends who are accepting UofC over UofA, should be interesting to see how much the waitlist moves!).
  7. I have the same questions as well. On top of that, when given an ethical question, is it best to: 1) Provide your answer, followed by reasoning, and then exploring the alternatives and why that may not be the best choice OR 2) Explore perspectives, and then provide your opinion/answer? Thanks
  8. I am also interested! I've the EK set, and the TPR psych/soc.
  9. Hello all, I'm an IP, and scored 6 on VR, 11 on both BS and PS on the MCAT (I know...) and was wondering if I should even bother applying (since Calgary only looks at verbal)? My cGPA is 3.68 and I believe my ECs are diverse and solid. Do I have a shot? Any advice? Thank you!
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