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  1. If I've had people contacted to verify my activities, do you think it's safe to assume that I'll at least receive a full-file review?
  2. I had a professor write me one years ago when I was applying for a different program and they gave me a copy. I plan on just forwarding it back to them with a bit of a reminder of who I am and asking if they could update it and send it in.
  3. I scored in the 95th percentile with reading under my breath like this. It's also important to try and leave your presuppositions behind and make sure there's something in the text you can point to and say "that" is why my answer is correct.
  4. You can't discriminate a profession based on religious beliefs, just as a doctor can't discriminate against patients. If it's the patient's and/or family's wishes and a doctor isn't a supporter of euthanasia, they should be able to just refer them to another doctor. This ensures that they still get the care that they deem necessary and the doctor is able to maintain their personal morals.
  5. It's in the Online Application System under the Application Status tab Edit: sorry....just saw that this was for Dental and not Medical.
  6. The school's cut-off . I know it means it's a long shot but there were also 16 people accepted with under 80% last year (if I remember the stats correctly). I was doing quite a bit of personal reading and development before I started studying for the MCAT so I will probably try to get back into that as well.
  7. Well, my app is in for UBC (IP). According to my calculations, I'm pretty much right at the bottom of the cut-off for GPA. Thankfully, from what I hear of recent changes, at least I'll get some points towards an interview. Really hoping that my 6 years out of University progressing up the corporate ladder, starting a family, etc. is going to pay dividends on the NAQ section. Just wondering what other people are doing in the meantime while waiting to hear about the next steps of the process? Are you working on strengthening your app for next year? Living life? Relaxing? I've added a few volunteer activities to help set myself up more for next year (hospital, Sunday school, coaching), and waiting to get my MCAT score next week. I've been thinking about starting a graduate diploma in Business at SFU to help a little at least with my GPA and to be a back-up in case I never get in. They have 3 intakes a year and I could apply in November, but part of me thinks I should wait until I for sure get a regrets email before dropping money on it.o Other than that, 3 kids under the age of 5 and a full-time job is pretty busy in and of itself! Anyways....I guess this might be more of a rant than anything because at least posting on here is doing something! Haha.
  8. I get my scores next week. What a killer wait! I agree that the guessing strategy seems pretty brutal. Some companies suggest reading a passage and if it seems too convoluted, to come back to it but in my opinion that's a lot of time spent to read it the first time and then come back and re-familiarize yourself with it. I found that reading aloud to myself helped me focus on what the content was actually saying. I practiced reading aloud and worked to the point where I basically just moved my mouth while reading (because no one wants to be "that guy" during a test!). Even with doing that, I still had 10-15 minutes left at the end of CARS. The other thing I would say is to make sure that your answer is backed by the passage. When I first started practicing, I think i was over-reasoning beyond the text and making connections that were maybe more based on outside experiences as well. For each answer, you should be able to point to the text and says "that's why". Just my thoughts though....we'll see next week if I have any credibility! Lol.
  9. I've had that happen to a friend as well. Seems like it might be pretty random.
  10. Hi, I've been told that some non-trads can tend to over-estimate the extra curriculars / non- academic portion of their application. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on mine below and if I should include high school items. I'll be going in with a pretty low GPA as an IP for UBC and hoping this might compensate for that. High School - short-term missions trip to Mexico - student leadership team for youth group at church - Lacrosse assistant captain (5 years) - Worship team member - academic awards and scholarship - Lacrosse referee - Blood donor Post High School - Athlete Chaperone for Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports (7 years) - Worship team member (11 years) - Small group Bible Study leader (4 years) - Youth group leader (5 years) - Lacrosse Coach (2 years) - Emerg Volunteer (1.5 years) - Summer Camp Counselor (2 summers) - Board member for government/industry group focused on increasing safe winter driving (2 years) - BC Supervisor for Health and Safety (overseeing up to 13 locations) (2 years) - Customer service supervisor/representative (overseeing team of 6) (1 year) - Member of my professional organization (3 years...no contributions really to the group though...) - Canadian Registered Safety Professional (1 year) - Blood donor - Certified Safety Auditor (3 years) - Research Assistant for program with kids with FASD (3 months) - Job shadow in a Physiotherapy clinic (3 months) Other mentionables - father of 3 kids (all under the age of 4.5) - born with congenital birth defect in my feet (30 years - basically have to overcome daily pain and almost crippling pain to do sports) - been diagnosed and seeking treatment for atrial fibrillation (2 years - i figure this might show that I can relate to patients) - half-way through a certificate program at BCIT (3 years, 88% average. Marks won't count towards GPA but shows desire for continuous education) Thanks for your insight Adam
  11. Hi, I've had a physical disability with my feet from a congenital birth defect and subsequent surgeries that causes me pain on almost a daily basis. I don't feel it's enough to get officially classed as being disabled but does hinder my ability to do certain things, jobs, sports, etc. I'm wondering if anyone knows how marking yourself as disabled affects your application... I typically don't on these kind of things because I still function more less the same as others and have a good job, full-life, etc. I've had some friends encourage me to pursue obtaining disability status for the benefits of it, but I feel there's others in need of those funds (and some say I'm too proud to admit/pursue the status as well... i won't disagree! Haha). Anyways...2 questions. 1. What are thoughts on how I could class this experience as part of my NAQ? (I was thinking that I pursued sports even though there were days I couldn't walk after because of my passion for it and shows determination, as well as the daily struggles with it.) 2. Does anyone know how marking disability on the application affects it? At the risk of seeming shallow, will it affect my chances or is it simply a metric they evaluate after the fact? Is there documentation required? Thanks for your input.
  12. Thanks for the response. I think I have a good track record of EC's to show and will start creating a list to add to as I think of them. From what I gather, the new weighting of AQ vs non-AQ, favours life experiences so that, even with my lower GPA, I may have a chance.
  13. Hi, I applied to med schools when I first finished university (6 years ago) and was accepted overseas in Australia. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the funding together and I had to decline the offer. The problem is... I keep coming back to the desire of wanting to be a doctor. I try to convince myself that the time, hours, money to make it happen, work load, etc. is not conducive to the family life that I want, but I keep coming back to it. I remember reading before that life experience can play a big part as a non-trad in evaluating non-academic scores, so I'm hoping that it can work to my advantage. While I haven't done anything over the top exciting to some people, I have a beautiful wife and 3 kids and have progressed up a corporate ladder at work into a regional middle management role. Are these considerations for evaluating non-academic experience? I graduated my undergrad with a ~80% average and have been taking a course per semester at BCIT towards a certificate and have an 88% average. My MCAT was from 2009 with a 31O, so I know I need to re-do it and could do quite well if I study this time. All that being said....I was wondering what people's thoughts were on my attack strategy and the feasibility of getting to the interview stage. 1. MCAT - develop MCAT study plan - execute plan - write MCAT in July 2017 2. Academic - continue taking 1 course per semester towards my certificate 3. Non-academic - continue current volunteer opportunities and EC commitments - develop 1 additional volunteer opportunity - preferably in a hospital/clinical setting. While we'd be willing to move. We have a house and support structure in place in BC and would prefer to get in to UBC
  14. I sent mine in June 1 too and my application has been sent to MSUCOM as of the 14th. If it still says processing maybe send them a message.
  15. My school is on the 4.33 scale and I just sent mine in and they were verified fine. I'd say send them in and just check to make sure they get verified. If they don't you may lose a week or two but save an save you some money and I think July is still pretty early to get everything in.
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