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  1. drcameron

    Gypped by OSAP??

    Hey Everyone! Just found out my funding from OSAP and I think I've been ripped off! My original estimate was $11,000, however now I am only getting just under $7000 (plus the Millennium Bursary). I was kind of relying on that $11,000 and now I am kind of thrown for a loop financially. I would like to use interest-free OSAP rather than my LOC. Does anyone know if the original estimate when you fill out your app includes the Millennium Bursary? Is anyone else in a similar situation? Shouldn't someone paying nearly $18000 in tuition receive the maximum OSAP? I do not have any assets like a car in my name or anything. I have a good summer job but have not managed to save anything substantial. Any insight?? Any idea if I can have my application reassessed? Thank for any help!! Stupid government!
  2. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a big day for alot of schools to send out offers as well as all of next week. I don't think I can handle another weekend of waiting!
  3. drcameron

    Waitlist movement???

    Looks like Mac and Queens have sent out some waitlist acceptances today. I am not sure if this was the first day they started contacting their waitlisters though. I know NOSM has been already started to move up their list, so I can only wonder if they have contacted a few more people today or not. I just really wish we would have received at least one of the weekly update emails by now (2 weeks since initial offers went out.) My boring job has given me plenty of time to overanalyze the forums!!
  4. drcameron

    Waitlist movement???

    did anyone hear anything today? or hear of anyone hearing anything today? :confused:
  5. drcameron

    Waitlist movement???

    This wait is going to be the death of me! Does anyone else feel like this?? I barely made it from the interview to May 15! I'm definitely happy to have made the waitlist but at the same time so worried that it may not reach my number. Hope all you other waitlisters are coping a little better haha! I'll have to figure out a way to keep myself occupied...maybe take up yoga or meditation and stop speculating on my number 24/7! That's my rant, I feel better now! Good luck all! Cam:)
  6. drcameron

    Waitlist movement???

    Thanks for the info, good to hear there may be some movement soon! Congrats on being number four, that is amazing and you are certainly in! I am in the high "teens" on the waitlist and although the statistics from previous years are promising, I am still pretty worried! Thanks for the input! Cam
  7. Hey everyone, I'm on the waitlist for NOSM this year...I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has been offered admission to NOSM and will be declining, or anyone fairly high on the waitlist who will be attending another school? Just trying to gauge the situation as this is all new to me. Thanks in advance, Cam:)
  8. drcameron

    GTA = automatic rejection?

    OK, then like I said...maybe you should write a letter to the government and they will ensure your happiness. The rest of the post is my personal opinion. It is also my opinion that NOSM's admissions criteria are not going to directly ruin anyone's future. It sounds like you were denied admission by this school and have decided to take out your anger here? I could be wrong though. Would you be expressing this opinion if you had been accepted?
  9. drcameron

    GTA = automatic rejection?

    Maybe you should write a letter to the government and take up your issues with them. Afterall, the creation and mandate of NOSM are rooted in government identification of a need for this medical school to help fill the physician shortage. It is possible the selection process is not perfect, but it is obviously viewed as the most appropriate way to deal with this issue at this point. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make everyone happy, the purpose is to contribute to the greater good. You just have to deal with it!