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  1. Hello, I've gotten numerous messages on this topic and it's tough to reply to all of you (I want to, but I just can't, sorry!) Most of them are on the issue of NAQ score and how to improve them. To give a little context, I got rejected last year by UBC as an OOP, but I made the IP cut-off despite an average GPA and MCAT: GPA: 82.88 MCAT: 30 ECs: Lots of research, community work, and leadership AQ: 21.49 NAQ: 33.70 TFR: 55.19 I got a lot of messages as soon as I posted my stats asking what I wrote for my ECs and how I wrote them. Here are a few tips for you guys applying this year: 1: Understand your audience Recognize that you're one of the 1000s of applications reviewers are reading. What are the consequences of that? a. the reviewers can't read every detail you write, b. they won't spend time scrutinizing your ECs, and c. they aren't going to make assumptions and inferences about you, they're going to take everything for its face value. Just from realizing this aspect, you can already start to tailor your application accordingly. You won't waste characters in your app trying to impress with long sophisticated words 2: Understand the purpose of the app This is clearly stated in the app website itself. Read through it and it will tell exactly what they are asking for. Look through their guide at http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/help-guide-2015-2016/ to understand what they want to know about you. It got very easy for me after this point. 3: Approach your app as a holistic entity You want to write a clear and concise story for the reader that they can a. follow through and b. understand what you're all about after reading it. This is was the biggest factor for me. I knew myself. I knew what I was passionate about and what activities I did as resume fillers. Focus on your passion. Develop themes. For me, I focused on photography, research, squash, and youth civic engagement. Within each theme, I had anywhere from 2-4 activities that I worked on because I truly believed in them. What that does is it makes writing for them a lot easier because words literally flow out of your finger trips. You want to speak from your heart keeping in mind what they are asking for. I can truly say it's not about what you did, it's about how you write it. And that is solely based on if you are passionate about what you did. I do think it's possible to weed out applicants who have 4.0 GPAs but never showed any passionate and commitment to their art, and that is exactly what they are looking for. 4. You don't need scholarships and publications. I had 0 scholarships in the awards section. I only had local and very small recognition titles. Nothing fancy. I had 0 research publications, just a couple abstracts at conferences. Again, they are not looking for those things, those sections are there to make the app easier to follow, that is all. I hope that answers some of the questions. As for the rest, please try to post questions here as many of you guys had similar questions. I'll try to answer them here moving forward. Thank you
  2. Accepted GPA: 3.73 MCAT: B 12 V 8 P 10 (Average 10) EC's: Strong. Got me the interview Year: 5 year undergrad + 2 year masters Interview: All strong, except one average Also accepted to Calgary. Will be accepting UofA.
  3. I'm going to either UofC or UofA. Now I want to go to UBC
  4. This may be trivial, but what's the dress code in terms of clinical rotations/shadowing/electives? Do we need our own scrubs or does the hospital provide them?
  5. You have a shot. I got accepted to Calgary with almost identical stats (VR 9). My friend also has identical stats, interviewed at both mac and uoft this cycle. You have a shot. Whether to rewrite the MCAT, that's up to you. But know this: you have a shot at med. don't let people tell you otherwise
  6. That's what I'm thinking, too. Thanks. I'll probably get the iPad with a keyboard
  7. Yes, that's exactly my concern. I'll have a desktop at home. Do you think an iPad would be sufficient for school use?
  8. Hi guys. Has anyone gone through medical school with using an iPad? My laptop broke down recently and I'm considering buying an iPad for medical school. Can you elaborate on its drawbacks/advantage please? (Also, I'll have an iMac at home for photography/home purposes, so the iPad will mainly serve for in-school/library activities) Also considering a Macbook Air if iPad doesn't work out Thanks!
  9. Hello guys. Been MIA for a while, sorry. I promised some of you that I will provide some tips regarding apps and a lot of you contacted me via PM. I'm going to be making a post either here or UofC page for ECs and my experience with them. Please let me know if there's anything specifically you'd like answered. Thanks!
  10. Results: Accepted GPA: 3.7 on UCAN MCAT: B12, V9, P8 ECs: Extensive (See BC NAQ score ~32) Interview: Felt good, excited Year: 5 year undergrad, finishing 2nd year MSc. Geography: IP
  11. Anyone know if they drop the lowest scoring station? I've heard they drop the outliers from the marked stations
  12. Nevermind... I thought this was med lol. I'll take my leave now.
  13. Out of 49? Wouldn't it be out of 56? 8 stations for 7 marks?
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