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  1. Yeah I don't see how a description contributes anything beyond your MSPR.
  2. Can anyone shed more light on this? Kind of overwhelming applying to all these sites without truly appreciating their nuances pre-interview/presentation.
  3. Next year's M4s are green, so not likely. My bet is on brown/red.
  4. FWIW I got into NYU med with the same stats and 10 VR.
  5. Took a while last year, and it got to be frustrating with all the other schools having theirs up and going haha, but it'll go up. I'm not sure if they wait for med-p's to have their spots confirmed or not, I'll look into it though...
  6. Hello persecution complex. I hate to say this, but to me, you have clearly and abundantly demonstrated you do not have the mettle to thrive in the (sometimes) pressure cooker that is medical school. I wish you luck in your future endeavours, and honestly hope a change in attitude will offer you success someday. I think it's about time to ban this troll. Posts like these actually resonate with highly motivated high school students, fear-mongering shouldn't be tolerated here...
  7. I'm sorry, but you went to a high school with rampant grade inflation. And don't even tell me you went to a high ranked Nobel winning alumni high school again (UTS right?) because I went to a shitty public high school and averaged >90% across 4 years at Western. You just didn't adjust properly. That is your fault and not the programs. I sincerely hope you fix your approach, because if you need 9 hours of sleep per/day (10 hrs/day on weekends? what? why?) to be a functional human being and can't remember to do an online biology quiz, medicine isn't for you. Because the sheer amount of information you have to inhale and obligations/responsibilities you have to juggle becomes a lot more overwhelming on the other side of this little rat race. Again, to prospective grade 12 students, the BMSc program is fantastic, with great professors that really care about teaching and researchers willing to take on undergrads in their labs and a Western community spirit/feel that is unrivaled anywhere else. I (and many many many of my friends) have found success along the BMSc to medicine route.
  8. I plan on defending in the fall, how accommodating is the faculty towards missing a day or two of afternoon labs/small group?
  9. Not Ottawa and McGill. Also know of someone doing the take off after half a Masters at McMaster.
  10. Yep MSc as well, it has no weight other than the potential research exposure as mentioned above. You're admitted on the basis of your undergraduate degree and that's why they don't have a graduate degree completion deadline.
  11. I'm surprised it hasn't leaked... everything leaks nowadays.
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