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  1. FM isn't even respected as primary care in desirable USA areas. They go to IM or Peds for their primary care.
  2. Of course I'd decline. Why in the world would I facilitate giving a lifting hand to my replacement?
  3. Better question is why staff docs at TGH let PAs work under them.
  4. No one considering the fact of how little respect FM has in USA compared to Canada? Unless you're in Midwest areas or rural areas, your prestige is rock bottom in USA.
  5. It goes into your corporation. You're not getting a salary.
  6. Completely false. They order more tests and send off more referrals which leads to more total costs. They're also way slower than doctors.
  7. In USA, midlevels are WAY ahead than in Canada and FM still does really well there. But yes the situation is worsening. lol wtf? so I should spend my time seeing only complex patients aka keeping myself stressed nonstop and then the midlevel can see the easy ones and make like 75% of my income? Please put this nonsense talking point in the garbage. There's NO reason doctors should only see complex stuff and what may be "easy" can be an atypical presentation of something difficult.
  8. Yeah why don't you... not be a sell out for the profession. How about that?
  9. I always wondered, when it comes to rural training in these places - there just isn't really high volume of pathology? I mean if you spend 2 weeks in a rural ED, you may not even have 1 intubation or line put in on any patient nor any traumas. Simply because the population there did not have any issues. I always of rural training being good but is it just in theory or is it legit? Busy community settings seem to provide more in my experience.
  10. I guess I meant that T2DM insulin management should be bread and butter for FM.
  11. What have you done so far with clinic patients who are francophone?
  12. I see FM managing lots of patients on >100 units/day (who also have a dozen other major comorbidities). Not sure why it needs a referral to anyone...
  13. Put yourself out there as much as you can. Make yourself look as good as possible. All you can really do really..
  14. True white supremacists are very rare. Alt-righters aren't that uncommon and ironically hang around with people of colour all the time.
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