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  1. Anyone know when they go out typically?
  2. They are not allowed to handle it or don't feel comfortable yet?
  3. What qualifies as an academic job? I always thought ROS was pretty strict with Toronto work.
  4. What do you mean? You go for Carms, if you miss.. USA is back up.
  5. There's already legal precedent for them having their own spots. It's not very reasonable to close the doors entirely anyway. Don't most IMGs skip applying to Quebec anyway? Including Mcgill. Not sure on the #, but I'd guess data is limited due to a small sample size. Lot of english speakers also may skip over Mcgill if from Ontario etc. While francophones will go for french spots only. Very true. Medicine is literally the last standing profession that hasn't been overrun.
  6. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    I'll PM you
  7. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    Then roster more patients. Aren't you able to bypass the 20/month thing? Lots of guys join just a little while after residency.
  8. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    FHOs also do shadow billing plus earn money when they aren't seeing patients. So no, non-FHOs can't win. But you do bring a good point about walk-in use in the city. Anyway plenty of small towns attached to the GTA perimeter. If you want to make the big bucks and crack past mid 6 figures, you need to give something up.
  9. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    Yup but still loads of empty spots.
  10. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    Plenty of people retiring and you often get good deals on them. Not to mention a big roster to come with it often. Not in those places, but step out another 20 minutes. Your plan should be to live in those suburbs and work 20 minutes away from them. Also even if you could get a spot inside Toronto, it's a bad idea to begin with. How will you roster a lot of patients? It's much easier to do it in a growing town on the GTA perimeter.
  11. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    It's a major problem if you're weirdly obsessed with living inside Toronto. Once you step 30 minutes out and work another 20 minutes out, problem solved.
  12. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    Yeah like three years ago and tons of new doctors have joined since . Why not be one of them? People join and create new FHOs regularly...
  13. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    Or join a FHO...
  14. medigeek

    Income and Lifestyle

    Why don't you... not live in Toronto and also make more money. There are people doing that Why not you?
  15. medigeek

    Physician political orientation

    Yep absolutely. And those admins sit around and come up with rules to make life harder for everyone. Create more meaningless paperwork and more check boxes that serve 0 value. Their reward? A public funded 6 figure salary.