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  1. Pure cosmetic surgery isn't rare in Canada at all, it's in fact very saturated.
  2. And those are the ones who have a good amount of experience. The new ones or ones with <2 years exp I won't even discuss.
  3. What's the source on whether they decide what question is easy/medium/hard?
  4. I've never heard of a board exam that isn't percentile based. It would blow my mind if it wasn't. Question difficulty and curving is designed based on prior experimental questions. And yes how others perform on that exam or in general has no effect because the curve is based on pre-determined difficulty.
  5. Pretty sure it's percentile based... not just raw scores. So each exam would be unique in how it's scored. 226 would equate to a certain percentile, about 1.5 SD below the mean I believe. No way to know what the mean raw score is or how big the SDs are though. Where are you getting 50% from?
  6. medigeek

    NP vs. FP

    Well USA is way ahead with this midlevel stuff and has 1000x more PAs and NPs and FM still has a good market there.
  7. What you're saying is a bit outdated though. Right now they are in such insane supply that just through sheer numbers, they are displacing physicians are alarming rates. Yes, tons of sick patients given the aging and obese population so the market demand is there to keep physicians going but it's still awful to get displaced by an NP. We really need to wake up here and make sure things are kept under control. Like why are doctors endorsing PAs and PA groups? Why support any midlevel group? And again the key factor is the numbers. Finding a way to keep their supply low is the most important thing.
  8. I had already read master the boards for step 2 and 3, done uworld step 2 and 3 + first aid. Out of those, I'd say either of those u worlds and either of those master the boards (so 1 of each) would be easily enough.
  9. What I find shocking is that an NP has any authority over you at all. Sad state of our medical system. Now we have PAs growing in numbers? Becoming Americanized day by day. Not sure why doctors don't take a stronger anti-midlevel stance before it gets out of control like down south.
  10. Cardiologists have to read every EKG, including every single one from the floor/ED. They then bill for each one. In the long run it would be cheaper to have AI reading EKGs. Also, pretty sure they've improved over time to factor in what cardiologists do to learn from it. Not sure if this applies to every one out there. Like anything else, it would take forever to implement it everywhere.
  11. I think that kind of approach and attitude from doctors is what lets midlevels rise and walk all over us.
  12. Are you a resident? Why see someone who you know more medicine than?
  13. You retain as you go, especially when you use it in real life. Make sure you do a lot of practice questions.
  14. medigeek

    Alberta vs Ontario for FP billing

    How about Manitoba?
  15. Machines miss stuff on ECGs all the time. Clinical context is also another important variable.