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  1. If you were more familiar with the polling companies then you would see why it's much closer than that. And that's not "leading by far" when you have no idea how a seat projection works. Even your seat projection is still a very close race.
  2. They're behind in the latest polls and a slim minority win is what is projected right now. And yes a forum of doctors and doctors-to-be will be conservative. Hopefully people with your views don't join the OMA and ruin us from the inside out.
  3. News flash. You're wrong and so are your views. Capitalism is here to stay, don't like it? Go to a commie country. And radical left wing idealogy is poison and far worse than radical Trump followers.
  4. Very well said. I will add that sim labs and procedure courses can certainly help get things down as well. The latter is great for learning things the right way and learning rare procedures (ex. crics, pericardiocentesis etc)
  5. In terms of skill development, it's great to do an anesthesia and ICU rotation. If you go onto do the +1, you want to do >100 intubations by the end of it and you can always get started on those numbers now as a med student. Same with getting a couple lines in the ICU, seeing a chest tube at least etc. A community or rural ED rotation can give you exposure to reductions as well + other quick procedures/lac repairs.
  6. So a few online trolls discredit the whole party (who may not be actual voters btw or even Canadian.. don't be so gullible) ? Also, the worst of the worst people - the communists/radical lefties will be supporting Trudeau this election. And they have supported the Liberals very often in the past whenever the NDP wasn't a viable competitor. Does that equate Trudeau and the Liberals to radical commies? No. And the people I'm describing are far farrrr worse than the ones on the right wing. Yet I have the decency to admit Trudeau isn't that messed up. Same goes on the American side. Radical lefties, who are even worse than Trump (by a huge margin), supported Hillary in 2016. Yet Hillary was realistically a mediocre half-decent person and politician. Being supported by freaks doesn't make her one, again that's something for you to learn.
  7. You know we have conservative brown muslim MPs/MPPs, right? That must really make your head spin.
  8. You're disgusting. The trend is towards Scheer and trudeau is not winning by any margin let alone a large one. Clearly your understanding of politics parallels your ignorance. And FYI, I'm also an immigrant
  9. Elaborate on the college frowning on walkin clinics?
  10. Women lower their standards to their own level and prioritize other things as time goes on. But someone who's a 8-9 is going for a guy who is at least an 8. That's the main point. BTW, what happens in iran and what happens with iranians in the west are two entirely different things. Same applies to other cultures.
  11. The average age of marriage is irrelevant. Those people met years prior, in their early 20s.
  12. What's false is saying that going to the gym and getting nicer clothes make you on par with a male model. That's giving extreme false hope. It's like telling your patients to take snake oil to prevent disease. Going to the gym to get a nice physique takes extreme long term dedication and very long hard hours of training. And in no way does it make you a model. Also, it's not 2005. A nice body isn't that impressive and a nice haircut/clothes are expectations rather than improvement milestones. I was referring to those who make a lot of money (millions) via high status jobs. From that level up, the rules change. And Im sure you have seen marriage with whatever outcome. Why not see what they were like when they first met? The fact that you are ignoring that shows bias. Also, it's very easy to focus on a couple exceptions and ignore the mainstream. Our brains are wired to do that otherwise we'd lose our minds due to pessimism. Your "prom king" example is also false. Plenty of attractive guys who have below average jobs are with higher earning women. Literally all of those dudes from my high school barely make average money and can blow away the high earner guys in the dating scene. Its not even remotely close and it's laughable to try and argue it. Lastly, the rhetoric is that casual fun is all looks while serious dating is not, right? Thats your position? Lets say that is true. It also directly implies that the girl doesnt want you during her "fun phase." Yet will want you down the road later in life. How is that a good thing? lol. Of course, most people meet someone from age 19-23 who they then go onto marry etc. So regardless of your position, you're not being realistic.
  13. Not sure I understand what you're saying. That people become less superficial as they age? So why do some guys become sugar daddies and also why do such a high number pursue escorts? I'm just being realistic. Not true. Every "case" someone has pointed out is someone average with someone a little bit above avg aka the same level basically. Almost all couples are completely looksmatched. This is also true for moderately rich guys, until you approach the celebrity/elite status type of rich (ex. pro athletes). Honestly this topic isnt even debatable. The studies are consistent and anyone who isn't incredibly biased knows this. Just scroll through your social media and walk through a mall.
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