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  1. Thanks for all your responses. definitely can't write this summer as I have to write my thesis and graduate from my masters, however I think I will try and put in an application with no expectations. If im unsuccessful this fall then I will write the new mcat next year probably. I'm still eligible for u of t and Dal so will be applying there + queens and giving it a shot!
  2. I wrote the MCAT this January and received an even, decent score of 10/10/10. I am an M.Sc student, although I know this doesn't make a difference when it comes to MCAT score. Wondering if I should bother applying in Oct 2015? They don't release their cut offs I know, but lowest I saw on this forum was a 31 with minimum 10 in each. Not sure if 10/10/10 makes the cut... Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. How does cGPA factor into this? I can't find anywhere MD/PhD stats for GPA - wondering if its possible that they evaluate GPA's differently since the pool is significantly different? Thanks!
  4. Just a reminder this thread is for stats only - if you want to discuss or have questions please start a new thread To answer the question - Minerva status was updates, no letter has been received yet.
  5. TIME STAMP: Minerva Result: Reject wGPA: 3.32 (I know - but I submitted a letter of extenuating circumstances that was solid, last 2 years are 3.88 each); grad GPA of 3.9 MCAT: Didn't submit - (wrote post Nov 1) ECs: A ton - really amazing leadership experiences, research, a publication (1st author), authentic, unique stuff. Year: MSc 2nd year OOP Did all of my education at McGill (undergrad and grad). Knew I wasn't going to get an interview but wanted to try anyway. Good luck to all.
  6. Is there an email sent if your status on Minerva has been updated? Or do you just have to check regularly tomorrow? Thanks!
  7. I think it would be helpful to start a thread similar to ones for other schools for interview invites/regrets. Format is as follows: As has been stated, this thread isn't for discussion, but for stats only! TIME STAMP: XX:XX Result: Invite / Reject wGPA: MCAT: PS/VR/BS/WS ECs: Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD IP/OOP/International Letter of EC: Yes/No
  8. Anyone every test here? Wondering what the environment was like so I can prepare. Am writing this weekend! Thanks in advance.
  9. What exactly should we expect if we're invited for an interview/rejected? First time applier here - do you receive an email? Also from previous experiences, were they on time? Is Jan 19th pretty solid or do you think it might be delayed (for whatever reason)? Or alternatively, have they ever sent out invites/rejections early? Thanks!
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