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  1. I'm pro IMG's. Our system treats them absurdly - much more than any other country out there. As a Canadian grad, I simply don't believe our education is that much better than the rest of the developed world (although definitely better than the third world). It is very difficult for me to accept that countries with superior healthcare systems are somehow producing inferior doctors. Sounds more like something we would tell ourselves to preserve our jobs and income rather than a statement based on fact. https://interactives.commonwealthfund.org/2017/july/mirror-mirror/
  2. It's tough, but do your best and don't give up. The rewards are worth it. Once you're in, you're set from a financial perspective assuming you follow a few simple rules. Unfortunately, there's no easy way. There will always those who come from money who have everything laid out for them. I try not to focus on that (it would be depressing to persevere on), but instead focus on doing my best and hope for a good outcome.
  3. I don’t manage at all. In fact, now in residency I’ve completely given up on going to the gym. Last I went was 13 months ago. I still pay monthly fees though so technically I could drop in any time. Terrible, I know. But such is life I guess
  4. Looks to me like a big overreaction from the family. So what it came from a computer screen?
  5. You can't do anything about the preferences for attending jobs. It is the groups that decide who they want to hire, and they can use whatever reason they want. But that doesn't mean one should ignore the blatant cheating that took place here. I'd argue such cheating should be prosecuted at all training levels no matter how hard. That should include residency and fellowship levels.
  6. There's a lot of comments about Mac in this thread. To clear the air, as a Mac grad, I never felt a problem with the elective schedule. I had 4 weeks of electives in the beginning of clerkship and I used them to rotate through specialties I didn't want to match to. In the end, it was excellent in CaRMS because I used it to argue that I took the time to explore specialties before settling on what I want. What happened to OP is unfortunate and in my opinion unacceptable. Whoever wrote the evaluation must have absurd expectations. If it does show up for CaRMS, then OP you should appeal in whichever way you can. But I want to make clear that of the 203 people in my class, all of which started with electives, no one ran into such a scenario.
  7. I've never heard of anything like this before, let alone one in the first week of clerkship. Speak to your school's elective coordinator and figure out where to go from here. EDIT: I mean to say it's extremely unusual for a program to fail a visiting elective student. That thought never even crossed my mind as a possibility back when I did my clerkship electives.
  8. I don't know... it's really poor judgment. Not sure she should be entrusted with other people's lives. The college's ruling is severe but nevertheless appropriate imo
  9. I don't understand this at all. Is it really so hard to find someone to sleep with that you feel the need to sleep with a patient? Especially considering doctors have a high social status, income, ... etc smh
  10. The tax credits were removed to make room for increasing OSAP. If OSAP will be reduced, are we getting our tuition tax credits back in Ontario? One can only hope...
  11. Reach out to some of the plastics residents at Mac. Many (especially the more junior ones) would be happy to give you advice
  12. This is a staple of medical training. Even as I resident, all everyone ever gives you is positive feedback. I think people don't want the headache of giving negative feedback to learners which is a shame in my opinion because it can be very helpful at certain times Any way, your only way of knowing is reading social cues. If the rest of your team trusts you with tasks, then you're probably doing well
  13. Things change a little bit when you become a resident. You become more attuned to the attitudes of clerks than before, and you really do start to see a difference between them. As a resident, I'm totally fine with a student who doesn't know something or needs to ask questions. Heck, even if you've done it before but can't remember, that's fine. What I can't tolerate is a student who shows up late, who messes up consults that you have to redo things from A to Z, and who interrupts people during rounds. Things of this sort make my job harder. These people do exist, and I run into 1 or 2 every year. And I'm in a small specialty where we don't get that many students. So I can certainly understand when programs are reluctant to take certain people
  14. Not that it affects me as a resident, but I'm curious why this overnight change. I'm sure it will have a large impact on many IMG applicants who would want to return to Ontario. Couldn't they, for example, give a year or 2 between announcement and implementation so students can plan for the change
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