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  1. Full course load depends on which school. Some examples: UWO- 5.0 (3/5 has to be same year) Queen- 3.0 is full course load Dal- 5.0 is full course load Ottawa- 5.0 is course load
  2. Even with a Alberta IP, your last 2 years & cumulative is not impressive. You will need a miracle and some stellar ECs. Don't do Masters, more undergrad if you are going for med.
  3. You need to take MCAT to even be considered in the US. I say your GPA is pretty decent, you probably won't get into Harvard but I say mid to low tier US schools are definitely a good chance. The verbal I would say is one of the most important sections in the MCAT because most adcoms know that most people do the worst in that section so that's the first thing they look at. I suggest studying for the MCAT, you don't need anymore GPA booster years. I checked your Ottawa GPA, its 3.80 which is not competitive enough for Ontario residents (You need at least 3.90+). So you are forced to take the MCAT. Right now, that is your biggest road-block, if you take one more GPA year and you MUST get a 4.00 and then you can do Ottawa without the MCAT. I say your EC ares decent, obviously it depends on how you sell it in the application but overall, you got a good shot. If you can get 514+ total (nothing less than 125-127 on any section) on the new one, I say you have an extremely decent shot at both US and Canada.
  4. Partly yes. You should take the MCAT because certain, if not most schools, have a MCAT cutoff score. On top of that, saying "I can do the MCAT" and actually being able to follow through are two completely different things. If you do a killer GPA and you get roadblocked at the MCAT, then it's pointless. It costs a lot less to re-take a MCAT than to re-take 2-3 yrs of UG. Also, right now you say you are taking 4.0 credits now. Your current year right now is ineligible for most schools so you need to take 6 classes (3.0 credits) next semester if you want to continue down this path. You need to have a 5.0 credit total course load if you want to be considered for more schools. Obviously you can do what you want but taking the MCAT first is the most financial and reasonable solution. Because if it comes down to it, if you can't kill the MCAT, it doesn't matter what your GPA is (unless you are doing Ottawa or NOSM) but that severely limits your options.
  5. Queens- Looks at only your most 2 recent years (3.0 credits or more). Summer/Spring doesn't count Mac- Spring/Summer counts and all your BScN as well. No getting out of your past with Mac. They do have a lower GPA requirement though (3.0GPA), so as long as you make the cut-off and then some, have some stellar EC and do well on CASPER, you have a shot UoT- They take only the Sept-Apr terms. If you have 5.0 credits (full course load) in those terms, you can drop 1.0 each year that is full course load. So yes they would take your BScN degree as well. The only school that would only look at your most recent degree is UWO, Queens, Dal, NOSM and Ottawa (they take most recent 3 yrs however). Just read the sticky and you can find out all the policies. My suggestion, do not take any spring/summer courses anymore. Make sure you are taking full course load (5.0 credits) Sept-Apr for 2-3 years and it opens up your options. Although I HIGHLY recommend you take the MCAT before you continue to do more UG work because your MCAT determines your eligibility for certain schools. (http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/46230-medical-school-second-undergrad-degree-policies-updated-aug-8-2012/)
  6. You input all grades, it doesn't matter whether you repeated them or not. They do it because some schools count repeats as making you ineligible for a full course load.
  7. I would suggest not even touching a second degree until you write the MCAT. It is absolutely pointless to even do a second undergrad if you can't get a 515+ on the MCAT. Write the MCAT FIRST, then worry about the second degree GPA.
  8. Does anyone know the conversion for Alberta, Calgary and Dalhousie?
  9. I graduated from the Health Sciences program @ Brock. I can answer any questions that you have, it's very hard to give you an answer to such a broad question. The Public Health and H. Sci program are both under the Community Health Sciences Department in relatively but with public health you come out with a BPH (Bachelor of Public Health) while the HSc is a BSc in Health Sciences instead of the traditional BHSc like at McMaster.
  10. I doubt any school cares. I am in a similar boat but from my understanding, the courses are taken at Brescia College; however the degree that is given is considered a UWO degree; therefore nulling the fact of this collaboration because on your transcript; it doesn't say Food and Nutrition 120 (Taken at Brescia College) which means that university are unaware whether the degree was collaborated or not.
  11. I'm doing the exact same thing. My first degree was in Health Sciences with a minor in Biology. So essentially I got a BSc. I realized that my strong suit is Health politics, so I'm basically doing a BA in Health Admin as my second degree. The issue isn't whether your second degree is looked at or not. It is whether your pre-req courses (chem, bio, orgo, etc) are looked at from your first degree. As a person who took all of the pre-req courses and bombed it. Will med schools see the courses and be like;"Yes, he did well in his second degree and what hes passionate about, but he barely does well in the core sciences that he took in the first degree." So, as an adcom, I would believe in my mind that their thought would be: "he does well in what he excels in; but he gets crappy to barely mediocre marks for the program that encompasses much of med school itself." So if you were to do your second degree, I'm still wondering if I should re-do all the core science courses again in the summer, since A) Most schools that I'm applying to only look at your fall/winter semesters and If my above statement is true; it will help extinguish that doubt from adcoms.
  12. They only consider marks from University. I heard some Quebec schools POSSIBLY might consider it (not sure for a fact), but I know in Ontario; it requires to be from an accredited university.
  13. The standard list of things to improve on are usually the following: 1) GPA 2) MCAT Score 3) ECs 4) Publications 5) References of Letters As a sticky on the thread of this topic states, Masters only helps if your GPA is borderline a good candidate so regardless even if you had a 3.0GPA and a 4.0 Masters, you still won't get in. In the case I just stated, you will need to go back to undergrad and get a second degree.
  14. Does anyone know much about the Health Care Ethics program from UofT? I just want to get an opinion on that program? Is it interesting/hard/easy? Like I said before, most of my first year pre-reqs are all completed so if I were to transfer to do my second degree, I would be doing mostly higher level classes. I hear people complain about UofT's hard grading, but does that apply to upper year classes as well?
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