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  1. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, which has greatly impacted me on various levels and also reshaped my views and understanding of different aspects of life. However, I am unsure if I should put it down as a Top 10 - is it appropriate?
  2. I had a 124 in CARS before and rewrote the MCAT and got a 121 - I am so disappointed...I really thought it went well... I know UofC looks at the best score but should I even apply in this case?
  3. So disappointed. My CARS score was 124 before - I rewrote the MCAT and got 121 now.. I know UofC looks at the best score but should I even apply in this case? I have no idea what happened..I thought it went well..
  4. My university transcript ordering portal says the postal code T2N 1N4 matches with "University Dr NW" and not "Hospital Drive NW" as written in the applicant manual. Should I go ahead with "University Dr" then? It won't let me process the request..
  5. Would Nova's physics (found out about it on the forums) and EK physics be enough for someone who doesn't have prior physics experience for the NEW Mcat? Nova is probably based on the old MCAT so I'd like to know if it'd make a good prep tool for the new MCAT. Thanks
  6. so what would that be equivalent to? 11 or 10? Have they lowered the cut-off
  7. Since the cut-off for OOP has been an 11 VR in the past and this year it's 127.
  8. so the email read: our MCAT scores will not be verified until after the September 12th MCAT writing date scores are released to the applicants; this is planned for October 13th. Everyone needs to sign in to the AAMC THX system and release their scores to the University of Calgary. If you are one of those applicants who wrote in September, you need to release your scores before October 15th. Failure to do so will result in your application being closed. The deadline for all other parts of the application remains the same: October 1st at 4:00 p.m. MST. I have already released the scores twice and I wrote on Sept 12th. I am confused whether I need to release the scores again after getting them back on the 12th/13th? Sorry, I am just feeling really paranoid lol
  9. My referee said he's going to mail the letter tonight via regular mail. I am worried now because the CAF will be submitted with my online application but the actual filled out CAF and accompanying letter will be mailed in tonight. Will they consider it late? Mac says they will accept letters until December 1st - is that true? Also, on the CAF forms it says: "the OMSAS must receive this form by the application deadline" on the upper right hand corner. What does that mean?
  10. Is it the 8th of September? Just a little confused about the bronze zone..
  11. Is that allowed/viewed fine? Does it look bad in anyway? It's a reference from a volunteering position I had internationally.
  12. I did all of Khan Academy and found the passages helpful and fun actually. Will get started on the AAMC pack but I don't find EK questions very helpful for practice ;? Thanks a lot though
  13. I'm looking for some practice..as close to the aamc as possible
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