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  1. Hi everyone. I'm choosing courses right now for UBC 1st year Science, and I was wondering whether if it's recommended that students go for an honors degree if aiming for med school? Because honors require a minimum of 30 (1st year) credits as well as 18 in arts (throughout the entire degree), this means that I will have to choose many electives in arts (now and later in 2nd and 3rd year) and potentially render my schedule more burdening. Is this recommended? By the way, if I'm going to take honors, I'm hoping for pharmacology.
  2. Thank you guys. I will check out the UBC course calender for sure.
  3. I ultimately want to practice as a doctor. If that dream fails, then pharmacy is my backup plan. What I fear most is taking pharmacology for my undergrad degree and fail to get into med school; then I have to take a masters degree and potentially end up with a degree which is hard to find a job in. This is why I am considering taking pharmacy as an undergrad degree, just to be safe.
  4. Right now I have a choice between pharmacology (2nd year) and pharmacy. So I am unsure which path to take. If I choose pharmacy, I will need to study for the PCAT during the summer. If not, then I just keep going through with school. So I am really conflicted regarding which path to take. Over all though, I am absolutely sure that being a doctor is still my number one dream job, and I just don't want to make choosing pharmacy a disadvantage. What do you guys think?
  5. Hi everyone. I need to make a decision pretty soon regarding if I want to pursue pharmacy into med school or not (at UBC). I understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to this path into med school. Advantage: -Solid back-up plan -Helps with med school courses in the future Disadvantage: -Frowned upon I guess since I will be taking a pharmacist position from a person who may truly want it as their dream career (pharmacy is my 2nd choice after doctor) -Difficult to obtain a high GPA in So, considering everything, would you recommend me to take pharmacy as my undergrad choice in 2nd year as compared to pharmacology (which would be my other option). Thanks in advance. Also, please share any other advantages and disadvantages you see.
  6. Hi everyone. I will be attending UBC this coming Sept and will be choosing my courses soon. However, I am confused about structuring my schedule. My goal is to get into pharmacology by 2nd year (hopefully before 3rd year), and I do have credits from IB which I can take for Chem, Physics, and Math. 1.) Should I go for designing my own timetable (BSc) or should I just take the Science One program which I was admitted into? 2.) Is it advisable to take the IB credits for courses? 3.) How should I schedule my courses if I choose to structure my own timetable (is it feasible to have all the courses start after 10am, my bus ride to the school is a shocking 1 hr and a half)? 4.) Do I need to consider any special circumstances in the case that I want to pursue pharmacology in 2nd year? 5.) Does anyone have a sample timetable for their courses which meets all the requirements for pharmacology in 2nd year? Thanks in advance.
  7. It seems like that a job as a pharmacist sounds pretty good. However, that still brings us to the key issue for med students: Is it advantageous to take a pharmacy undergraduate degree?
  8. Thanks. I read the previous post and got some valuable information. It seems that it is inherently frowned upon to use pharmacy as a stepping stone into Med school, and the potential drop in GPA is risky as well. However, can anyone share their experience of trying to go from pharmacy into Med. I would appreciate any details especially specifics regarding the potential challenges (the previous post did not include them). Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone. I just finished high school and will be entering UBC first year this September. Currently, I am enrolled in the general science degree, and I hope to apply to the pharmacology department in third year. However, I was wondering whether if it's also possible to take a pharmacy undergraduate degree instead and apply to Med schools? For instance, can I take the BSc (Pharmacy) degree at UBC (entrance after 1st year) and then apply to the various Med schools in 3rd and 4th year of my undergrad? Have others done this? If so, are they at a disadvantage or advantage in applying to Med school? Thanks everyone.
  10. Hummm. It seems that it may not be the best choice. I mind as well just take another program and focus on my ECs instead.
  11. How competitive would classify the students at Science One, especially the IB students? Are they all 42s or above? Also, in terms of research, does the faculty members' help actually matter at Science One. From what you said, it seems that the necessary knowledge for research is not provided by Science One.
  12. I definitely want to apply to research positions later on (hopefully during the summer between 1st and 2nd year), so I guess Science One can definitely help with that. In terms of preparation for Science One, would my experience in the IB Diploma program help me? In response to oops_letstryagain, I guess I really do want to try Science One. Because of the IB diploma, I feel that if I took regular 1st year, I would be over complacent and end up slacking off and hence doing worse. Also, I'm currently conflicted between choosing Science One at UBC and then into pharmacology or straight into 2nd year pharmacology at McGill. Which one is the better choice? Do you think I should take the risk at UBC and possibly end up not being admitted into pharmacology or should I just keep it safe at McGill where they have allowed me entry into pharmacology?
  13. Are there special grade bonuses to being in Science One? Also, are the faculty members' help important? Do they give you unique opportunities in the future?
  14. Thank you for your responses. It appears that the program is quite hard, but I'm still unsure just how hard it exactly is. On a scale of 1-10, how hard would you classify the difficulty of obtaining a 3.85 GPA in Science One (please give a reference for 10 please)? Also, in the event that I don't do as well as I hope to, will my grades in Science One hinder my progress later on in university (like affecting my chances at med school)? I think UBC only takes into account the last two years (not so sure). Are there any specific schools which will take my first year into account? Thanks everyone.
  15. Hi everyone. I was wondering whether if anyone is familiar with the Science One program for undergraduate 1st year at UBC. 1.) Is it hard to get a high GPA in it? ~3.9ish 2.) Is it rewarding and worth it? Any special opportunities or privileges? 3.) Class sizes? (huge 400 classes or smaller ones) 4.) Does it help with transitioning into pharmacology 2nd year and does it help with completing all the prerequisites for med school? I already read through their brochures and information section, but they are not very specific. Thanks everyone in advance.
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