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  1. Couple things I want to clear up for everyone: 1. If OP decides to go to Australia for dental school, they can't practice in the US. Please correct me if the rules have changed but last time I checked this was the case. 2. You can't compare an entire Country's population statistically and say which one is more saturated this way. Dentists make different amounts geographically. Unfortunately Canadian laws are really messed up right now where international graduates with little English can come in easily pass board exams (90% success rate since 2011), Now guess where 99.99% of these international grads are going? Major cities! Canadians may have "less dentists" but MOST of them are clustered in the 5 majors cities in Canada: montreal, toronto, edmonton, calgary, vancouver. So good luck trying to make a killing in any of those 5 cities. In the US, there are SOO many places dentists are dispersed and is why dentists in the US make more.
  2. Not really. The OP has a really low GPA, the opportunity cost of him/her staying back 3-4 years to reapply to a Canadian school is silly. They could make ALOT more if they go to a US school if they can afford it. My brother transferred from a school in the US (UDM) to a Canadian school (UofT) and the standards are completely different from what he told me. Americans start drilling since the first week of school and learn more hands-on dentistry than Canadian counterparts. He regrets transferring but he only did it to save money and it was an option available for him.
  3. What do you classify as "rich"? No offence but MDs are not rich, if you go into medicine thinking you'll be rich you're a fool. Making even $300-400k a year doesn't classify you as rich because after taxes, expenses, and time you have to put into your career, it won't mean much.
  4. Was sitting at lunch today and this thread came up in a conversation. Now I know why people make fun of York lol, just glad i'm out of that pithole
  5. Can someone please just ban the guy? This is ridiculous. This thread has hate and discirmination all over it.
  6. lol owned. I think he just wants to go to yukon to steal aboriginal seats.
  7. It was one of the most enjoyable courses I took at York. Very chill and relaxed. No hardcore studying from what I recall. Although the midterms were pretty challenging, the final exam ended up being really good. Oddly enough I studied less for the final exam than the midterms and got a higher mark on the final. Oh and keep in mind I didn't have the pre-requisites when I took it. I pretty much took it for fun.
  8. Hi Emily, You have a shot at McMaster, UofT, Queens, and Western depending on your wGPA for each school. You may have a chance at Northern depending on where you lived your entire life.
  9. Out of this journey you have to remember as long as you have a good MCAT score, you can still get in. Either here or the US. If I were you, I would write the MCAT and keep trying at least twice. If you don't get a single interview or your MCAT scores are too low, then go to the caribbeans.
  10. This. Except if my friends have higher grades I usually try to be with them in class = less distraction. The ones with lower grades I tend to have fun after class.
  11. Good question, i'm pretty sure a lot of people are thinking the same thing... but only the adcoms can answer this. Here's a better question...what made you choose the name "souljaboy"? He is the epitome of a hood rat...
  12. How is that an ignorant response? I don't know what it is... so why is it rude to ask? Your response is ignorant.
  13. Writing your MCAT this summer maybe a dead-end because some schools haven't decided what they are going to do with the old MCAT. I'm assuming you are 1st year, if you are... you will most likely have to write the new MCAT eventually because MOST schools in Canada require the applicant to be in their 4th year when applying except Mac + Calgary (which would be 2 years from now for you). And the old MCAT isn't going to last long so they will likely accept it for another 3 years or less (some schools already confirmed this in the US and some Canadian schools). So you should keep this in mind. There is also a chance they will not accept it all-together. But if you are confident you will do well without organic chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology (these make up 90% of the Biological section)...then write it this summer. But the old MCAT will likely limit you to apply broadly when you are in your 4th year.
  14. Yea that's probably true but i'm interested to see how this works out and how the numbers change after this change is made.
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