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  1. Hi Belle,

    Congrats on making it this far. Been reading your threads thus far and I would love to seek your guidance.

    So I'm a new grad RN who is interested in going to medical school. I've always been passionate about medicine from a very young age and I like to admit that I don't see myself doing nursing for the rest of my life. 

    My nursing degree was collaborative meaning 2 years in College and 2 years in University. My  GPA in the last 2 years is around 3.93-3.94. Scored only As and A+s.

    In terms of ECs, I've done peer mentoring, peer tutoring, was a Course Rep for mental health and pediatrics.

    Research? did some health promotion projects here and there but nothing on publication.

    Future plans? I'm planning to work fulltime for 1 year before applying

    Questions: What are some ECs that I can engage in that will help me build up my application? 

    Wanted to write only the CAR section for the mcat but also contemplating to write all sections to give myself a chance to get into Queens. What are your thoughts on that?

    Any general advice? 

    Thank you!

  2. Belle_MD

    Toronto Family Med Internal Match

    Are some TO family Med sites more competitive than others?
  3. Belle_MD

    Mcmaster Family Sites

    Would love to bump this thread - had an amazing experience at Mac interview yesterday and seriously considering Halton, Hamilton, Brampton sites (I’m from Ottawa so not too familiar with each site). Would love to get more info from past or current residents at those sites!
  4. I've heard from a few people that McGill and Calgary are known for not having stellar FM programs (not sure what this is based on) - any truth to this? What are the better programs?
  5. Im interested in doing a family med elective @ McGill (Montreal sites) - has anyone done the hospitalist/short stay unit elective? Or any family electives that people recommend? Also, being from Ottawa my French is decent, but I am by no means at the Francophone level - from peoples' experiences how much French should you know to feel comfortable doing an elective in MTL? Can we document/chart in English? Thanks!
  6. Can people share their best/fav family med electives in 4th year, ones that they would really recommend - Im having a hard time choosing where to go, especially which community practices and hospitals. Im particularly interested in Toronto, Mac, Western, Queens, McGill, and Alberta. Im open to general family med, also interested in geriatrics, palliative. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm interested in U of T family medicine and planning my 4th year electives currently. Im wondering which sites are outside of the downtown core and would be better for someone with a dog, wanting to live more in a suburb type of environment - I was thinking about Sunnybrook for an elective. Any other recommendations in terms of the best sites for someone like me? Thank you!
  8. Belle_MD

    Planning 4th year electives for FM

    If anyone has recommendations for FM electives that they particularly enjoyed please share them as well
  9. Sorry if this has already been asked - I’m curious to hear from recent applicants to FM how did you split up your 4th year electives and how many provinces did you travel to? I’m fairly certain I want to do FM and I’m hoping to stay within Ontario\Quebec so I’m not sure if I should “bother” booking electives further away. Would I be really limiting myself if I stay closer to home for electives? Thanks!
  10. Belle_MD

    Internal vs Family - need advice

    Thanks everyone for your perspectives! So what would be a geriatrician salary vs Family Med typically?
  11. Belle_MD

    Internal vs Family - need advice

    Thanks! You can actually do a +1 in care of the elderly through Family, hence my dilemma. I have done electives in Geri, palliative and care of elderly and enjoyed them all so far. It's more the family vs internal routes that is my dilemma... just looking for advice from people who have had this debate themselves.
  12. Hi everyone! i know this topic has been debated before, I'm just looking for advice from people who have gone through the same struggle of choosing internal vs family. I am interested in pursuing geriatrics and/or palliative and I know both routes will take me there. I'm not interested in an academic career necessarily, I would be more interested in working at a community hospital vs doing research. I'm in my 30s and I'm a little worried about the intensity of the IM program/lifestyle vs family...But income is also important to me and I know if I go through IM I can potentially make more money (I know you're not supposed to say that but hey it's the truth). Can anyone offer advice? If you went through this debate how did you choose?