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  1. Hi Belle,

    Congrats on making it this far. Been reading your threads thus far and I would love to seek your guidance.

    So I'm a new grad RN who is interested in going to medical school. I've always been passionate about medicine from a very young age and I like to admit that I don't see myself doing nursing for the rest of my life. 

    My nursing degree was collaborative meaning 2 years in College and 2 years in University. My  GPA in the last 2 years is around 3.93-3.94. Scored only As and A+s.

    In terms of ECs, I've done peer mentoring, peer tutoring, was a Course Rep for mental health and pediatrics.

    Research? did some health promotion projects here and there but nothing on publication.

    Future plans? I'm planning to work fulltime for 1 year before applying

    Questions: What are some ECs that I can engage in that will help me build up my application? 

    Wanted to write only the CAR section for the mcat but also contemplating to write all sections to give myself a chance to get into Queens. What are your thoughts on that?

    Any general advice? 

    Thank you!

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