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  1. Salut, Je cherche pour une personne à pratiquer des scénarios de MMI pendant les soirée sur Videocall. Mon entrevue est la semaine prochain. Personne intéressé(e), envoyez moi un message SVP. Merci
  2. Salut, J’applique au marché de travail cette année. Est-ce qu’il y’aura quelqu’un qui veut m’aider a réviser mes réponses? Préférablement quelqu’un qui a déjà appliquer au marché de travail. Merci
  3. Hi Ottawa, Although we don’t have an answer for interview invites yet, I was wondering if anyone wanted get proactive and start prepping together. I didn’t apply to Ottawa but did apply to other Ontario, Quebec schools, both in English and French. I am willing to practice in both languages. If you are interested, drop me a DM.
  4. I was just concerned that it may not seem professional for adcom, since I wouldn’t combine two items on a real cv.
  5. I have a similar question: 1- I've done similar works for two different organization : student club, and community center X. Do you think it's appropriate to write under organization: "Student Club in collaboration with Community Center X? or "Student Club/Community Center X"? 2- I have had similar roles in different organization for jobs...is it appropriate to combine them, and just write all employers in the same section, instead of creating two separate lines?
  6. Hi, This may be a long shot, but anyone in Ottawa would like to practice for the Casper test? Please send me a PM. Thanks
  7. I sent an e-mail to UofT adcom with regards to having only written a literature review as my 4th year undergraduate thesis, and the response I received was: "Thanks for your interest in the MD Program at the University of Toronto. You may use whatever experiences you feel are relevant to your personal growth and illustrate your experiences as related to the four attribute clusters. Best regards,"
  8. Given that we only have 150 character in describing responsibilities, how many CANMeds roles would be ideal to work with? Is 2-3 sufficient?
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