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  1. I feel like I'm being punished for something...
  2. What a loser that person (troll) is....really not cool.
  3. Buying you a virtual beer right now! Cheers!
  4. Anyone have the courage to call them and ask them? In spirit of the holidays!
  5. Did your status get updated yet jaloobi?
  6. Mine finally changed. Now the worst part of it all begins. The wait....anyone know when we should expect emails?
  7. My status is still blank and I'm freaking out!
  8. Mine is still blank...I'm started to freak out a little...help?
  9. NGT

    Mcat Study Group In Calgary

    That's awesome guys! I don't have an exam date yet. I want to write in June but it's impossible to find seats right now. Have you all signed up?
  10. I'm studying for the new MCAT. Anyone want to form a study group to keep each other focused and take practice exams together?
  11. I'm a life sciences student from UBC and I was wondering if Laval Med accepts many Anglophones? ps. I am conversationally fluent in french but obviously not my first language.
  12. I'm a life sciences student and this will be my 5th year at UBC. I had to take six months off because I was accepted into the Canada World Youth program as a Youth Leader. This program is under CIDA internships so I thought it would be a great experience and didn't want to turn down the offer. I will be applying to UBC med after graduation and would love to discuss my past four years, average, ECs and plan for the next year with someone who has already been through all this. Thanks a lot in advance!