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  1. kgmed23

    CaRMS 2012 Interview Invite Thread

    i had emailed ottawa as well but nothing as of yet...any ideas as to how many applicants?
  2. You should put verifiers and hours for every activity. Estimate the # of hours and put down a friend or anyone else who can verify for unorganized activities like travel, etc.
  3. kgmed23


    I only used one of my work experience as part of my EC list last year. I described how the employment experience fit under the particular category (self-adversity).
  4. kgmed23

    EC list/ Essay Feedback

    Same here. You can email it at kgmed23@yahoo.ca
  5. I thought IHHS 300 - working in international health - was an interesting course.
  6. Put it down for sure. It makes your application a little more personal and allows the reader to see that you have many interests.
  7. Phil 433A (biomedical ethics) is an interesting class and allows you to become familiar with ethics and develop/defend arguments. I took it with Rana Ahmad...she is a challenging prof.
  8. kgmed23

    The June 13th marks are UP!!!!!!

    Medisforme, Don't worry too much about the MCAT for UBC. Your average is competitive and I am sure your work experience will help you get to the interview stage. For this upcoming cycle, writing the MCAT in september won't help because: "Test results from July 2003 to August 2008, inclusive, are considered valid for applicants who submit their application for entrance into the Program in September 2009." However, it doesn't hurt to write it again while the material is fresh in your mind for future.
  9. kgmed23

    kaplan Orgo vs MCAT Orgo?

    I think O-chem was pretty much similar...really hard to compare
  10. 1st year English is a pre=req for admission. However, if you have not taken a full year of english and will not be taking it during the application cycle, you can write the english exemption test to fulfill the english requirement.
  11. Being able to read similar stats of accepted applicants on this thread provided me with a lot of encouragement and hope especially since I didn't have a good academic standing (low average, failed courses). I am IP and was accepted into VFMP. My stats are: 1st application (during my 4th yr) Overall GPA: 75 Last 60: 80 pre-req: 71 MCAT: 26P 9/7/10 (PS/VR/BS) AQ: 17 NAQ: 18.36 Overall score: 35.36 - Rejected Pre-interview 2nd application (after completing degree): Overall: 79 last 60: 88 pre-req: 71 MCAT: 32N 10/10/12 Non-academics were my strong point. Although I didn't have much hospital exposure such as volunteering in wards, etc., I was very much involved with other community organizations and used my essay to tie in my motivations for community involvement, etc. I think my essay and NAQ list complemented each other well and were the strong point of my applications. Having low grades is def. a hurdle but certainly can be overcome. I know how stressful it can be to apply with grades that are not on par with other applicants but I think instead of having regrets about low AQ, concentrate on your NAQ and finding out what kind of person you are. Have a lot of people read your EC's and essay and see what they think. I'd be more than happy to help since I recieved a lot of help from many people on this forum as well. Goodluck everyone.
  12. The pre-req average is not used in the AQ but it is looked at after the interview during your complete file review. As to how much the pre-reqs weigh, no one knows for sure but I don't think it is a major component (I only had 71) and I think you can make up for a low general chem pre-req mark with a strong physical sciences score on MCAT.
  13. kgmed23

    Video games?!

    first computer game i remember playing was the oregon trail lol and duke nukem
  14. kgmed23

    Video games?!

    mario kart for wii...AMAZING especially when u get all ur buddies together and play like the good old times of N64 Wii fit is dope too i think
  15. kgmed23

    Best Interview Advice Article EVER!!!!

    One book i found very helpful was the medical school interview - secrets and a system for success by Fleenor. It is an easy read and veryyyy cheap. It sort of helps you think about the more traditional ?'s (not really MMI types of ?'s) but provides you with a good framework to tackle ?'s.