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  1. Hello, Looking to hear from some of the pathology community about job prospects in Canada for someone trained in US. I'm strongly considering applying to pathology and hopeful I have a good shot at matching at a top program in the US with my competitive grades/step scores so far. What's the experience like for american trained pathologists coming back to Canada and can anyone share stories or experiences they've had? thank you!
  2. r9fan

    Will I Make A Terrible Mistake?

    So I have secured both a US-Cosigned Loan as well as a Canadian Loan... The situation doesn't seem so clear cut to me because the US-loan has an interest rate of almost 9% vs the prime-rate offered by the canadian bank of just over 2%... So actually the canadian loan will save me money even with the terrible exchange rate.
  3. r9fan

    Applying After June 2....

    you should be good as long as you submit your primary (with all the LORs and transcripts ready) before the end of june. anything after that and you are playing a dangerous game friend.
  4. r9fan

    Mcat Verbal Mark 8

    around a 3.85-3.90 on the amcas scale i believe
  5. r9fan

    Mcat Verbal Mark 8

    Got accepted to 4 USMD this year with a VR of 7 (14 and 12 on other sections). I had a 10 VR the first time I wrote it however. Point is, yes its possible, I wasn't an extraordinary applicant by any means.
  6. that's life lol ... Can you direct me to where you know that number from?
  7. TFR: 60.15 NO INTERVIEW anyone know what the cut off was for OOP ?
  8. is there an advantage to completing UBC's application early? I mean in terms of chances of admission, not in terms of flexibility with interview date etc..
  9. you're right, that's my fault. Only a minimum of overall 24 for regular admission.
  10. Hi there, does anyone know which schools publish their minimum cut-off for each section of the MCAT? So far from the brief research I've done it seems most don't publish this information or say they don't have a minimum per se. So far the only ones I've found are: Wayne State: minimum 10 on each section source - http://admissions.med.wayne.edu/selection-process.php Utah Medical school: minimum 7 on each section source - http://medicine.utah.edu/admissions/criteria/index.php#mcat if anyone knows of any other schools that have this information published, it would be of great help to me. thanks !
  11. hello all, I have a 33 MCAT but a 7 in verbal, (12/7/14). Do American schools have a flag/filtering system for low verbal scores? thanks
  12. I was thinking of taking an english credit athabasca online university...does anyone know if this would be acceptable for US schools to fulfill the english prerequisite? If so, has anyone done it and recommend a certain english course to take?
  13. finished undergrad degree (honours double major) 30 MCAT (9/10/11) wrote once AMCAS cGPA = 3.83 OMSAS cGPA = 3.7 (last two years 3.9) EC's = average at best which US MD schools are best chance for me? thanks!
  14. Hi all, I have an mcat score of 30 (9,10,11). I believe my wGPA is 3.875 but I need to confirm this with you guys, I'm not sure if I applied this correctly or not: 1st year (5.0 credits) = 3.54 2nd year (5.0 credits) = 3.81 3rd year (5.0 credits) = 3.85 Then I looked at my worst 3.0 credits and removed them (2.0 from first year, 0.5 from second, 0.5 from third) I took summer school courses in addition to these credits, are they included? I did a coop betwen 3rd and 4th year and I will receive a pass/fail mark for it in the coming weeks (I still need to present my coop to someone, then I will hopefully receive a Pass mark that will be applied to my 3rd year), does this have any effect on my wGPA calculation (it counts as an extra 1.0 credit in my 3rd year in addition to the 5.0 that I did already.) Thank you in advanced!! Appreciate the help to these questions.
  15. I guess my real question is, what is considered a part time course? I've taken a full course load every year so I know I'm eligible for the weighting formula but I'm not sure if my summer courses are included or not.