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  1. Did you find it hard going back to do your prereqs? Were you able to work flexible hours as a nurse while going to school?
  2. What keeps you motivated and confident on the long trek into medical school? And, how old do you plan on being when you finish medical school?
  3. To those of you in med school, two questions: 1) What was the biggest obsticle/most difficult part of getting in? 2) What is your favourite part about it?
  4. Hi There, I just had a couple simple questions: I know that physics is not a pre-req for UBC but is it mandatory for the MCAT or just useful? And, if you take two upper level english courses do they take the place of your first year pre-reqs?
  5. Nursing is really easy and a lot of the skills you learn can be carried on to med school. The program is very hands on and you get exposure to patients right off the bat! Hope that helps a little...
  6. The Law... How'd you end up with that gig? Id love to do something like that... Aranndil... I Luv old people (i mean geriatric) people too! I live with my grandparents by choice and I am currently working towards my nursing degree.. Lately my practicum has involved long-term care facilities and it's so much fun!! They're awesome..
  7. Hey everyone.. I'm "new" to the forum kind of... I've been a lurker for quite sometime (wow, that sounds creepy). Anyways, I know people volunteer at a variety of places, but I was wondering where people had goodtimes and bad times or where they liked volunteering the most... Thanks a bunch!
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