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  1. Icebox

    Why U Of A Med?

    I'm in the same boat as BrendanJ, as we were classmates in the Class of 2011 (5 years out from UofA Med, currently writing Royal College). I don't have too much to add and am mainly echoing his sentiments about the rigor of UofA. When I was a clerk doing electives across the country, I was told I was well above the level of an SI3/4 and was given a lot more responsibility than other clerks - those responsibilities were on par with what I'd be doing on a day to day basis during my core rotations at UofA. I also agree that at the end of a 5 year residency, it really doesn't matter where you will have graduated from. It mainly determines how you handle PGY1 with all the foundational/general rotations. I stayed here for residency, so it was basically a continuation of clerkship for me (though it's hard for me to comment on what a program at another centre is like). While the hours were long during PGY-1, I never found the clinical duties to be overly strenuous or unrealistic. The work ethic and expectations you develop for yourself really help you throughout residency, and I imagine this will further translate into the rest of my career as well. Would definitely pick UofA again.
  2. Icebox

    Uofa Pm101 Crew

    You think you're old...
  3. Icebox

    Backpack 2014. Finally.....

    Here's a picture of my 2011 bag (keep in mind it's been quite used & worn out over nearly 10 years):
  4. Icebox

    Where to live?

    Most live either right on or near campus, or downtown just off the LRT line.
  5. Here is this year's Interview Video put on by the Class of 2017.
  6. Icebox


    Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. No harm in waiting for the stats.
  7. While it's not a comprehensive resource, I think most students use surgical recall. It's in a question/answer format, and it helps to retain info that may be asked by staff.
  8. I would personally withdraw and then do whatever is possible afterwards to get into the program you want. I agree with some of the other posters saying that any program you would apply to, would contact your former program about you. And in my mind, it'd be much better to hear from them that you had personal issues that forced you to withdraw, than to hear that you had personal issues, wanted to stay in their program but they expelled you, you appealed, pursued legal action, got the CMPA involved, etc. Other programs would perceive this as a huge headache and someone they would not want in their program. A lot of the latter would result in a PD that is no longer going to vouch for you, whereas if it's simply about personal issues, he/she may. It sounds like it's fairly clear that you don't want to be in this program, so your best bet would be to leave them on good terms, rather than create an overall negative impression for them when you do eventually switch/leave/transfer out. It will only serve you better in the long run to get into another program, and I also suspect you'd be much, much happier than fighting to stay in a program you don't want to be in. Sounds like a difficult situation - I hope it works out for the best. Edit: And I would definitely talk to the PD and be on good terms with them. This is key to ensuring you have a solid chance at being accepted to another program.
  9. Icebox

    Silence clinical clerk!

    ...completely different context but when I saw the thread title, I couldn't help myself. Sorry brooks.
  10. Icebox

    Silence clinical clerk!

  11. Never heard of it, and it sounds like a waste of time. There are only 4 rules you need to know: - Work hard - Get as much face time as possible with the program - Demonstrate your interest in both the program and the specialty - Be someone that's likeable and easy to work with
  12. Icebox

    YorkU President stoops low

    This is what I did. And when I saw Steve Nash on the list I died laughing. Then I voted for him.
  13. Icebox

    Do you like coffee?

    Do people not read the original posts of threads anymore?
  14. Icebox

    Carms Trends

    Bang on. I have yet to see brooksbane with a poor post. He may state things in a brash manner, but he's never wrong. Edit: @Lactic, I take it as (and what I expect from students) is not being indecisive. If someone asks a question, answer it and do so decisively. If you don't know, state you don't know rather than hooing and hawing about it. That's confidence and certainty of who you are, what you know/don't, and what you need to learn. That's how I take brooks' post. Not about bluffing.